Older Men Leather Jacket: Celebrity Fashion Style Watch

older men leather jacket harrison ford

Older Men Leather Jacket: Celebrity Fashion Watch. Of course Forest Whitaker ain’t the only famous guy north of 40 who looks great in his leather jacket. Tons of other older, more mature celebrities are rocking their leatheroos too which is why we decided to update this post which we originally posted 12 years ago. Damn, time does move fast doesn’t it?

Womens Biker Leather Jackets: Celebrity Edition

womens biker leather jackets balmain taylor swift

Another famous singer who was spotted wearing a fab womens biker leather jacket is singer/actress Miley Cyrus. She is wearing a Doma Leather Vintage Biker Jacket in the upcoming movie, So Undercover, which is scheduled to come out by the end of July 2012.

White Leather Jacket for Men & Women: Celebrities & Models

White Leather Jacket For Men. First among them would be football star/male fashionista Cristiano Ronaldo who was snapped by the papz wearing this leather jacket. Not bad, no? For more of this Portuguese athlete’s fashion style, check out our post on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rolex Daytona.