Tom Wlaschiha Shirtless, Speedo, Young, Girlfriend

Tom Wlaschiha Shirtless, Speedo, Young, Girlfriend. Today in Celebrity Speedo, we bring you German actor Tom Wlaschiha who posted this pic of himself about to go for a swim on his Instagram page (follow him @tomwlaschiha). Yay!

Tom Wlaschiha speedo instagram @TomWlaschiha

If you watched the fourth season of Stranger Things, you should be familiar with the actor because he played Enzo/Dimitri or the Russian prison guard who eventually befriends Hopper aka the character played by David Harbour.

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Saint Laurent Leather Jacket: Jack Kilmer Models Made in Italy

Saint Laurent Leather Jacket Male Model (posted 15 November 2014, updated) Guess who’s been hired to be the face of French fashion brand Saint Laurent’s Permanent Collection?

It’s 19-year-old Jack Kilmer, son of action superstar Val Kilmer! Check him out looking fab in a black motorcycle leather jacket. Apparently, Jack Kilmer started modeling only in June this year. He’s very lucky to have nabbed a prestigious advertising campaign in such a short time, no?

Want more boys in leather jackets?

Saint Laurent leather jacket - jack kilmer

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Older Men Leather Jacket: Celebrity Fashion Style Watch

Older Men Leather Jacket: Celebrity Fashion Watch. Of course Forest Whitaker ain’t the only famous guy north of 40 who looks great in his leather jacket. Tons of other older, more mature celebrities are rocking their leatheroos too which is why we decided to update this post which we originally posted 12 years ago. Damn, time does move fast doesn’t it?

Anyhoo, here’s our favorite Republican former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger looking cool in his brown leather jacket. For those wondering, the kid Arnie is walking with is his then 13-year-old son Christopher who should be 23 by now. Yup the pic is from ten years ago. Hehe.

older men leather jacket arnold

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Boys in Leather Jackets: Price Guide for Hot Brands

Boys in Leather Jackets. Young Famewatchers who are planning to buy leather jackets, this post is for you. It is a guide on what celebrity boys and young men are wearing when it comes to leather jackets. When we have the information, we include a price guide too — from the cheapest boys leather jackets to the most expensive ones.

Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham. The Beckham boys were spotted wearing chic leather jackets at the Star Wars movie premiere. We don’t know what Brooklyn (the older one) is wearing but his little brother’s leather jacket is from the Burberry collection. You can buy it for £895.

boys in leather jackets - brooklyn and romeo beckham - burberry leather

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Tom Ford Leather Jackets: Blouson, Motorcycle, Blazer

Tom Ford Leather Jackets. Looking for trendy (and forever classic) leather jackets for 2015? Here are five leather jackets from the latest Tom Ford menswear collection for Spring/Summer 2015. Check them out, pick your favorite, and tell us why you picked your favorite over all the others. Oh, and if you want to keep yourself warm this coming fall/winter with a Tom Ford original, go check out this Tom Ford Men’s Coat.

1. Tom Ford Dark Brown Lambskin Zip Detail Blouson.

tom ford leather jackets 2015 - DARK BROWN LAMBSKIN ZIP DETAIL BLOUSON

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Womens Biker Leather Jackets: Celebrity Edition

Womens Biker Leather Jackets: Female Celebrity Moto Jackets. We’ve seen her dancing in the Fame movie remake, now here’s Kherington Payne looking good in her short yellow dress and a really chic white motorcycle jacket. Props to Kherington for looking good in yellow. Not a lot of women can wear yellow but she does it with flying colors.

womens biker leather jackets joseph brand

Update: Female Celebrities Wearing Womens Biker Leather Jackets. Who would have thunk that biker leather jackets are popular among female celebrities. Aside from Kherington Payne, here are nine other famous girls who were spotted wearing motorcycle leather jackets. Which of these outfits is your favorite?

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