Celebrities Wearing Puma Shoes

celebrities wearing puma shoes - big sean

Celebrities Wearing Puma Shoes Part III. If you think we’re done blogging about celebrities who love them some Puma shoes, well, you better think again. We are not done yet and for this third installment, we Captain America himself aka Chris Evans who appears to be a fan of the German sportswear brand as he’s not only wearing Puma suede shoes but a Puma jacket as well.

Celebrities Wearing Puma Jackets: David Beckham’s Blue Jacket

celebrity puma sports jacket

Is British footballer David Beckham giving the world a thumbs up because he’s pleased with his blue Puma sports jacket? We think he is. We think he’s saying, “Oh yeah, Puma’s good and comfy!” Or maybe he’s just being friendly to the pesky papz taking his pics? More…