Alan Ritchson Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos

Alan Ritchson Shirtless Update. So what’s our favorite American Idol contestant doing these days? Well, he might not have made it to the show’s main televised round but, boy, is he becoming one of the most successful celebrities to ever emerge from that singing franchise.

alan ritchson american idol

He’s been active in the business since we frist saw him stripping for Paula. To date, he has starred in a total of 46 movies and TV shows. He continues to look hawt shirtless. And, most importantly, he is headlining his own TV series — Reacher — which is scheduled for release on Amazon Prime Video this coming February. Here are some still photos from the show:

Alan Ritchson as jack reacher with malcolm goodwin

Alan Ritchson as jack reacher

In an Entertainment Weekly interview, author Lee Child (who serves as executive producer of the show), had this to say about Alan’s audition video while they were casting for Jack Reacher: “This guy stepped on the screen and had this stillness and blend of menace and goodwill that is always confusing about Reacher. If he’s going to be your friend, you’re very lucky. If he’s not going to be your friend, you’re very unlucky. All of that had to be transmitted just through stance, mood, look — and Ritchson had it right away.”

Wow! If that ain’t tall praise from the one who conceived of the character, we do not know what is. Alan does embody Jack Reacher, doesn’t he? We are so looking forward to watching this series; February couldn’t come sooner.

Alan Ritchson Young Model and Wedding Photos. We mentioned in our original post below that he is married but did not include a photo with his wife. We’re correcting the omission with this photo of their wedding. What a happy couple, no?

Alan Ritchson wedding to wife catherine

And, here are some of Alan’s modeling photos when he was starting out in the biz and more recent ones when he is gracing the covers of prestigious magazines:

alan ritchson young

Alan Ritchson underwear model

alan ritchson shirtless abs daman

alan ritchson shirtless abs

Alan Ritchson Underwear Photos: Catching Fire – Hunger Games Actor (22 January 2013). We may no longer have Alexander Ludwig — see Alexander Ludwig Underwear — to ogle at in the next installment of The Hunger Games trilogy but thank heavens for whoever cast Alan Ritchson in the next movie, Catching Fire.

alan ritchson underwear - n2n briefs

The 28-year-old hunk, who will play the District 1 career tribute Gloss, is every inch a hottie. Speaking of inches, he’s got them more than sufficient which is probably why he started his now very promising career as a male underwear model. Doesn’t he look gorgeous in his tight N2N briefs in the pic above? He actually has more, what would you call it, intriguing modeling photos but we are not going to publish them here for fear that it will scandalize our grandmama. Haha. Here’s Alan in Calvin Klein tighty whities.

alan ritchson calvin klein briefs

Alan Ritchson Gay or Straight? He is straight and, since 2006, has been married Catherine Ritchson. Unlike some actors, he is comfortable in his manliness that he ain’t above playing an LGBT character and getting kissy kissy with Trevor Donovan in an episode of 90210.

alan ritchson gay with trevor donovan2

alan ritchson gay with trevor donovan

Update: Initially, we had photos of the two actors kissing but we are replacing them with the less intimate pics above because we don’t want to get in trouble with Grandma Akita. Anyhoo, here’s what Alan says about kissing Trevor Donovan in an interview with: “It was great. We’ve known each other a long time and I remember he called me when I got the job and we talked about it and had a laugh. All I had to do was eat a nice garlic and onion sandwich and I think he did the same. As much as garlic aioli sauce as you can muster. I slathered it on there! Think about that the next time you watch it and the fact that we’re not masking anything but the fact that we’re torturing each other with our breath.”

Did we mention that Alan’s career is promising? Yes it is! Who’d have thunk that a male underwear model slash aspiring singer who serenaded Paula Abdul on American Idol would be in one of the biggest movie franchise ever? Sure, his is a one-movie role [unlike the main Hunger Games cast who are in all three movies] but it will very likely get him noticed and expand his fanbase. In fact, some Hunger Games fans are disappointed that our Alan was not cast as Finnick Odair which went to Sam Claflin. Seeing how perfectly gorgeous Alan is, their disappointment is not unreasonable.

alan ritchson underwear briefs

Lastly, it is also worth noting that he was one of the leads of the TV football comedy series Blue Mountain State and he acquitted himself pretty well. Want more Alan Ritchson underwear photos? See him in our post on Celebrity Jockstraps.

Alan Ritchson Underwear Photos: Catching Fire – Hunger Games Actor. Posted 22 January 2013. Last updated: December 3, 2021 at 4:48 am.