Speedo Men of the World: Athletes’ Edition

speedo men 2021 - athletes edition - Florent Manaudou

Speedo Men of the World: Athletes’ Edition. Okay, its summer once again so as we usually do here on Famewatcher, we are going to spend some time blogging about guys from various parts of the world who are rocking their Speedo swimsuits. For this post, it will all be about men doing sporty stuff so we are calling this the athletes’ edition. So let’s begin, shall we? First up is Vincenzo Dolce who’s looking good in his swimsuit below. Vincenco is an Italian water polo player who represented his country in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well as the 2022 World Championships where the Italian national team brought home the silver medal. Yay!

Adam Senn Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

adam senn speedo

Adam Senn Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Oh dear, the things we do in order to inherit our Grandma Akita’s Ming vase. Hehe. As we’ve been saying, she’s gone kinda conservative lately and don’t want to see kissy-kissy scenes (to be fair to her, even straight kissy kissy scenes) so we had to delete them from our original post and replace them with these “General Audience” ones:

Elio Pis Model, Speedo, Shirtless, and Venus Williams

Elio Pis venus williams boyfriend

Elio Pis Model, Speedo, Shirtless, and Venus Williams Update. We are updating this post to note that Elio Pis and Venus Williams are no longer an item. This is actually this is a very late update because the two broke up four years ago back in 2017. However, they appear to have remained friends as a Page Six noted that, even after they called it quits, they were spotted going to dinner. After Elio, Venus went on to date other guys like Nicholas Hammond. Elio, for his part, has kept things private and does not seem to have social media accounts that would be accessible to tattletales and gossips like yours truly and you, our dear Famewatcher readers. Hehe.

Rodrigo Santoro Shirtless, Speedo, Then and Now

rodrigo santoro speedo

Rodrigo Santoro Young, Zaddy, Awards, and More Shirtlessness. Anyone of you watched 7 Prisoners on Netflix? You should go check it out now! Apparently, it is a very good movie as it boasts of a 98% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. More importantly, it stars our imaginary Brazilian boyfriend as a baddie. Here’s Rodrigo at the Venice Film Festival for the screening of the movie. Now, did you know that our Brazilian hottie is now a daddy? By this, we mean he is a literal father as he and his partner Mel Fronckowiak welcomed their daughter back in May 2017. We know we are late in reporting this but at least we are making updates. Haha. Anyhoo, here’s a shirtless picture of our zaddy who — at 46 years old — is aging very, very well indeed! By the way, we grabbed this image from his Instagram page which you should follow @rodrigosantoro.

David Henrie Shirtless, Swimsuit, Wedding Photos

david henrie swimsuit vintage

David Henrie Shirtless and Vintage Swimsuit Update. Guess who’s playing a lifeguard in an upcoming movie? It’s our David Henrie, of course! Specifically, he will star as the young Ronald Reagan in an upcoming bio-pic of the late American leader. As we wrote in a post about him — see Ronald Reagan Shirtless — the former President worked as a lifeguard before he moved to Hollywood.

Polo Morín Shirtless, Speedo, Boyfriend

polo morin speedo2

Who’s the curly haired guy rocking his body-fit shirt? Damn, did you not watch Who Killed Sara on Netflix? That guy is Polo Morin who plays the young José María Lazcano on the show. The mystery telenovela is such a hit for Netflix so it is getting a third season which your Famewatchers are sooo looking forward too. No seriously, this is undoubtedly our second favorite Netflix Spanish languange show after The House of Flowers.