Leopard Print Speedo for Men: Models, Celebrities, Bodybuilders

Leopard Print Speedo for Men: Models, Celebrities, and Bodybuilders. Apparently, you totally love it when we blog about Speedo swimsuits so we are gonna give you more of what you want. For this post, we are gonna check out leopard print swimwear which, it turns out, is kinda popular. To be honest, we do not really get its appeal — we are more into solid colors which do not distract from the treasure inside — but who are we to judge people’s picks when they head out to the pool, no?

Anyhoo, let’s check out these gorgeous guys who are rocking their Speedos. Let’s start with our newest imaginary beau modeling for the Brazilian brand Carioca Wear. His name is Dr. Tyler Hendricks — yup he’s a doctor who does modeling on the side — and you can find him on Instagram @tylerjh.

leopard print speedo for men model dr tyler hendricks

Next up in our list of men who look hawt in leopard print is bodybuilding icon Charles Atlas whose photos and adverts back in the day led to many s*xual awakening for members of the rainbow community.

leopard print speedo for men vintage - charles atlas bodybuilder

Speaking of the olden days, here’s a dude looking cool and gorgeous in his Speedo. Unfortunately, we do not know the identity of the guy.

leopard print speedo for men - vintage

Olympic silver medalist Gus Kenworthy sure loves him his leopard print, no? We like this dude because he is an LGBT advocate but, more importantly, because he is a bit of a heaux who keeps posting thirsty photos on Insta. Yeah, we are that shallow. Want more male celebrity Speedo?

leopard print speedo celebrities gus kenworthy

Also exhibiting heaux behavior is Aussie cutie Adam Todd. He is a reality TV star who first graced the small screen during season 7 of The Bachelorette Australia and, later on, the eighth season of the U.S. Bachelor in Paradise.

leopard print speedo male celebrities - bachelor adam todd

Speaking of Bachelors in leopard print Speedos, here’s another Aussie reality star — Ciarran Stott — wearing a pair. Our tattoed hunk was a contestant in The Bachelorette Australia 5, Bachelor in Paradise Australia 3, The Bachelorette Sweden 2, and The Challenge: Australia where he made it all the way to the finals.

leopard print speedo celebrities - Ciarran Stott - bachelor

Oh wait, we almost forgot about British singer Sam Smith who wore an itsy bitsy bikini a few years ago. Unfortunately, we had to crop the photo because its a bit racy. Haha.

leopard print speedo for men - sam smith

Oh wait, there’s more! Here’s Terry Miller taking a selfie in his leopard print. For those not familiar with him, Terry and his husband Dan Stevens founded the It Gets Better campaign in the early 2000s.

leopard print speedo celebrities terry miller dan stevens husband

And here are other beautiful male models rocking their leopards. Unfortunately, we can only ID the first two: Joaquin Collini and Leonardo Hanna Azrak:

leopard print speedo hot on Joaquin Collini

leopard print speedo - Leonardo Hanna Azrak in animal print

hot male model wearing leopard print speedo swimwear

leopard print speedo men - animal print marqueza runway - Miami Swim Week July 2023

leopard print speedo shorts

leopard print speedo models

leopard print speedo swimwear

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