American Celebrities Wearing Speedo Swimwear

American Celebrities Wearing Speedo Swimwear. Who says Americans do not want to wear Speedos? They may not wear it as often as their European comrades or their Aussie bros (who are all about briefs-style Speedos) but American dudes love them some Speedos too. You want proof? We gathered some and we start with our imaginary beau, actor and model Nyle di Marco:

american speedo hunks - nyle di marco

Next up, male model Michael Yerger who sizzled onscreen when he appeared on Survivor a few years ago. Too bad the producers didn’t ask him to wear on the show the swimsuit he’s wearing below.

american celebrities wearing speedo swimsuits michael yerger

Of course, a list of American celebrities wearing Speedos will not be complete if it does not include this GIF of lifeguard Zac Efron on the recent movie version of Baywatch. Want more male celebrity Speedo?

americans wearing speedo - zac efron

Now, we can’t say that Darren Criss’s itty-bitty red Speedo is what earned the actor his Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe acting trophies (for American Crime Story) but it most certainly didn’t hurt, no?

american celebrities wearing speedo darren criss andrew cunanan

If you are looking for an American male celebrity to award the trophy to for wearing Speedos most of the time, you can’t go wrong if you give it to Ricky Martin. He deserves the award because he’s been Speedo-wearin’ since the 1990s (maybe even the 80s) up to today.

ricky martin speedo

From the famous American swimmer’s list of guys who rock their Speedos, we present you the kinda douchy but ultimately very likable Ryan Lochte. Likable, really? Yeah, we liked him in Celebrity Big Brother, thank you very much!!!

american male celebrities wearing speedo ryan lochte

Of course, American reality TV stars like them their Speedo swimwear too. Case in point, Nev Schulman of the MTV show Catfish.

famous american male celebrity wearing speedo nev schulman

Our imaginary boyfriend, actor and model Trevor Donovan is looking good in a pair of white Speedo swimwear. We’re told this is from his early modeling gigs.

american male celebrities wearing speedos

Let’s add Mario Lopez as Greg Louganis in the TV movie, Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story in our list of American Celebrities Wearing Speedo Swimwear.

American Celebrities Wearing Speedo Swimwear

Finally, here’s the man himself, American Olympic great Greg Louganis.

gay male athlete in speedo greg louganis

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