David Williams Shirtless, Underwear, Dieux du Stade, Gay or Girlfriend?

David Williams Shirtless Update. Whatever happened to our favorite Gods of Football model David Williams? What is he doing these days? From what he gathered on his Instagram page (follow him @worldofwolfman), he’s now married, is now a certified zaddy with a toddler born more than a year ago, and is the head coach of a company called Kinex Health.

Here’s a photo of David and his wife which we grabbed from his Instagram page:

david williams wife

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Black Rugby Players: Shirtless and Speedo Hunks

Black Rugby Players: Shirtless and Speedo Hunks. We are updating this post to bring you two more black rugby players who’ve been making a name for themselves in the sport not only in South Africa where they both come from but in the international scene as well. First up is Siya Kolisi who was named by Rugby World magazine as the most influential person of 2020.

Black rugby players - siya kolisi

What did he do to earn such a prestigious title? Well, he led South Africa to its third title during the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. Oh, he is also the first black captain of the South African national rugby team aka the Springboks. Here’s Kolisi with the World Cup and World Rugby Team of the Year Award.

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Thom and Max Evans Dieux Du Stade Calendar Photos

Thom and Max Evans Dieux Du Stade, Shirtless, Underwear Models. So how’s our favorite rugby-playing brothers doing more than a decade after we blogged about their Dieux du Stade photos? Well, they’ve now both retired from rugby. As we noted in an earlier update below, Thom hang his boots back in 2010 following a neck injury sustained while playing for Scotland at the Six Nations Cup. For his part, Max retired in 2015 but still misses the game according to the Glasgow Times.

max and thom evans retirement of brothers

max and thom evans rugby hunks

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Paul Hodgson Shirtless Rugby Hunk: Calendar Model

Paul Hodgson Shirtless Rugby Hunk: Calendar Photos. Now, we know we don’t have to remind you that bald men are hot. However, if you do need some reminding, here are some awesome hot photos of rugby hunk Paul Hodgson.

Paul Hodgson bald hunk

If this guy ain’t a good example of hotness personified, then we don’t know who is. Like other rugby players, Paul has done his share of posing for charity calendars to raise funds for worthy causes. For instance, here’s Paul posing as Mr. October for the 2012 Rugby’s Finest calendar project.

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Alexander Lincoln Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Alexander Lincoln Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Today in Striaght Actors Who Rock Playing LGBT Characters, we bring you British cutie Alexander Lincoln who’s playing a gay rugby player in the buzzy movie In From The Side which was released last September in the UK. The film is making the festival rounds and, per wikipedia, is scheduled to be released stateside sometime in 2023.

alexander lincoln rugby hunk

If you love rugby and happens to be a member of the rainbow community, you should check it out when it comes near you. Some details about the film from IMDB: “Following a drunken encounter, two equally attached men from a cash strapped and divided gay rugby club unwittingly sleepwalk into an adulterous affair but must conceal their growing feelings or risk destroying the club they love.”

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James Haskell Gay, Girlfriend, Underwear, MMA Fighter

James Haskell Shirtless, Underwear, MMA Career Update. Updating this post to note that, apparently, James’ ready-to-bloom MMA career never really took off because of COVID. Damn you, COVID-19! His first MMA fight was scheduled last May 2020 at the Wembley Arena but it was postponed because of the pandemic. Then he underwent surgery for his spinal chord in September 2021 which put an end to his MMA plans.

james haskell mma fighter bellator

Here’s what he says about his surgery (via BBC Sports): “I spent a year preparing for it (MMA fight) and Covid got in the way, then I had a major problem with my spine. I had to have part of a disc removed which was crushing my spinal chord. But, having had that sort of scare, I’m not sure I need to add to what I already have with my body – arthritis in my ankle and various other issues.”

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