Tight Speedo for Men: Actor Trevor Donovan Rocking It

Tight Speedo for Men: Celebrity Hunk Trevor Donovan. Came across these tight Speedo photos of Trevor Donovan on Just Jared and we just have to upload it here. Why, you ask? First, because as you very well know we are fans of movie stars in Speedos. Second, its because we are still crushing on Trevor. We loved him when we first saw him on 90210. We’re still loving him now several years later.

And why not? Who does not love our Trevor? He’s hot as hot can be. He’s still single so we don’t feel guilty dreaming about him. And, most importantly, he looks good in Speedos. Haha. If we are sounding like crazy Speedo hos, it’s because we are. Guilty! Guilty! We plead guilty, your honor!

Anyhoo, here are the tight Speedo photos of our Trevor courtesy of JustJared.

tight speedo hunk

Do you agree with our friend Kevin that Trevor can give Tom Daley (aka the British diver boy) a run for his tight Speedo money?


Whether he’s wearing a pair of skimpy black or white Speedos, our Trevor sure is rocking it, no?

tight speedo man trevor donovan white speedo

So what’s keeping our Trevor busy these days? Well, IMDB shows that he has four TV/movie projects this year. One of these projects, the TV movie Love on a Limb, will be airing soon on the Hallmark Channel. Here’s what the movie is about:

When the mayor hires a handsome landscaper (Donovan) to cut down a small town’s beloved oak tree, Aimie (Ashley Williams) takes it upon herself to try and save it – by chaining herself to it. As the landscaper attempts to wait her out, the two find that the tree brings them more than they could’ve imagined in life and love.

Aside from Love on a Limb, our Trevor is also starring in the movie JL Ranch, the short movie 2BRO2b, and a TV series called Confessions of a Hollywood Bartender.

Tight Speedo Celebrity: Trevor Donovan Still Rocks It
. Posted 30 September 2016. Last updated: August 23, 2023 at 1:54 am.