Mitchell Hope Shirtless, Girlfriend, Six Pack Abs

Mitchell Hope Shirtless and Movie Projects Update. Since we originally posted this three years ago, our Australian cutie has gone on to star in more movies and TV shows. For instance, he did audio work for the TV miniseries Mal and Ben’s Royal Wedding, starred with John Cho in the movie Don’t Make Me Go which you can catch on Amazon Prime, and he headlined the romcom Love You Like That.

mitchell hope hot in love you like that

mitchell hope hot in love you like that2

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Eamon Farren Shirtless, Girlfriend, Acting Awards

Eamon Farren Shirtless, Girlfriend, Acting Awards. Today in Hot Australian Men, we bring you Eamon Farren who really, really impressed us on The Witcher. We were like, “Who’s that guy? He’s intense and he’s a great actor!” Apparently, he’s been acting since 2002 in his native Australia and that he won a best supporting award from the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) which, if we are not mistaken, is the Aussie equivalent for the Emmys.

Eamon Farren awards - aacta best supporting actor

To date, Eamon has starred in a total of 35 movies and TV shows including The Witcher and we are hoping he continues to expand his footprint in Hollywood because he is the kind of actor you can sympathize with as a protagonist and really hate as a villain. Like, we hated him when he was the baddie on The Witcher but softened up to him and liked him when he allied with one of the main characters. We’re pretty sure he (we mean his character) is gonna annoy us again though and that we’d be rooting against him when the next season comes. Haha.

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Connor Gosatti Shirtless, Girlfriend, Hot in Shorts

Connor Gosatti Shirtless, Girlfriend, Hot in Shorts. Who’s the cute dude with his tongue out while doing a cross-country run in the pic below? Well, clueless Famewatcher, let us introduce you to Connor Gosatti. He is an actor, an Aussie, and he is starring on the upcoming TV series Resident Evil which will be streaming very soon on Netflix.

connor gosatti hot in shorts

This is his biggest project to date so expect his popularity to blow up. Whether his fame will rise to the stratosphere in the mold of the stars of Stranger Things or whether it will only moderately improve as in the case of Colin Ford all depends on whether Resident Evil is gonna be good or not. You see, Netflix shows tend to be hit or miss. Sometimes, they can be great like Stranger Things which is arguably the biggest hit for the streaming service and which launched the careers of newbies. On other times, they will be forgettable like the vampire show Daybreak (headlined by Colin Ford) which we looked forward to watching but did not finish because we were confused and bored to death by it. Hehe. Let’s hope, for the sake of its up-and-coming actors, that Resident Evil is more like Stranger Things and less like Daybreak, shall we?

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Sam Worthington Shirtless, Young, Awards, and Wife

Sam Worthington Shirtless, Young, Awards, and Wife. Today in Hot Aussie Hunks, we bring you Sam Worthington who happens to be our first ever Aussie Imaginary Boyfriend. Haha. Seriously, we fell in “love” with him back when we watched him in the 2009 movie Avatar. Seriously, we watched that movie three times in the theater not only because it was the first time a 3D movie was ever shown but also because Sam — who played the main character Jake Sully — was every inch a cutie patootie!

We were convinced then that he would skyrocket to the Hollywood A-List but, for some reason, it didn’t happen. Still, our Aussie hunk has managed to build a career for himself in Hollywood — to date he starred in a total of 61 movies and TV shows — and he will be appearing in the upcoming Avatar sequels so, who knows, that A-List is still within reach.

Sam Worthington Young Cutie Patootie! Here are some photos of the now 45-year-old actor back when he was young and in his twenties!

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