Brisbane Broncos in Rugby Shorts

Brisbane Broncos Recovery Session: Rugby Guys in Speedo Suits. Oh boy, we wrote the original post below more than thirteen years ago and we are updating it now because it’s summer and its sweltering hot and we’ve got nothing better to do than surf the internets and then we came across this photo of Cory Paix kicking a rugby ball on the beach.

Cory Paix hot - brisbane broncos speedo recovery training

It re-awakened our love for rugby players because they’re the only ones in the sports world — other than swimmers — who can rock their Speedo swimwear.

We learned through our googling that Mr. Paix plays as a hooker for the Brisbane Broncos so, because we are admittedly thirsty for more rugby players, we went a-looking for more of his teammates who wore their Speedos during their recovery training sessions. First up is Corey Oates who’s a winger for the Broncos:

corey oates speedo brisbane broncos

A Speedo-clad Andrew McCullough having fun in the pool with teammate Anthony Milford:

brisbane broncos speedo - Andrew McCullough and Anthony Milford

Mitchell Dodds stretches with an assist from teammate David Stagg:

brisbane broncos recovery session speedo jocks - Mitchell Dodds and David Stagg

And, finally, here’s Josh McGuire. He’s now playing for another team but we are including him here because he spent most of his pro life with the Brisbane Broncos.

brisbane broncos speedo - Josh McGuire

Brisbane Broncos in Rugby Shorts (29 April 2010). Today in men wearing shorts, we bring you these photos of rugby players (probably our most favorite kind of male athletes in the whole world, hehe) in their short shorts.

Wondering why rugby players are our favoritest? Well, its because they’re hunky, beefy, and have no qualms about baring themselves (you know, like Nick Youngquest). And of course, we like them most because they — unlike athletes in other sports — continue to wear short shorts.

brisbane broncos recovery session

Seriously, can you think of any sport where the athletes are rocking their short pants. It’s only rugby, isn’t it?

brisbane broncos recovery session - rugby shorts

brisbane broncos shirtless recovery session

brisbane broncos rugby shorts

brisbane broncos hot in uniform

Brisbane Broncos Recovery Session: Rugby Guys in Speedo Suits. First posted 29 April 2010. Last updated: August 10, 2023 at 6:27 am.