Gay Wrestlers List: College, Amateur, Pro, WWE

Gay Wrestlers List: Dave Marshall is an Australian wrestler who came out immediately after he began his pro wrestling career with the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance. He was, apparently, welcomed with open arms saying that the company “has been like a family to me since day one. They don’t treat me any different.” Dave made headlines recently when he revealed that he is making adult content to raise funds for the suicide prevention charity, Beyond Blue.

gay wrestlers list - australian dave marshall

Rugby is So Gay: Rugby Players’ Intimate Moments

rugby is so gay pulling pants down

Rugby is So Gay: Rugby Players’ Intimate Moments. Anyhoo, let us go back to rugby and count the ways why it is so gay. Naturally, as we have done in other sports, we have photos to back up our assertion that the sport — which gave us the likes of Ben Cohen, Dan Carter, and the great Jonah Lomu — is indeed so gay.