Jake Atlas Boyfriend, WWE, Hot Shirtless Photos, Ethnicity

Jake Atlas Boyfriend, WWE, Hot Shirtless Photos, Ethnicity. Today in gay male athletes, we bring you pro wrestler Jake Atlas who came out nearly two years ago after he was named 2017 Southern California Rookie of the Year and who continues to make history following reports that he’s signed with World Wrestling Entertainment.

jake atlas wresting titles

SoCalUncensored has more: “We can confirm that Jake Atlas, real name Kenny Marquez, has signed a developmental contract with WWE and will be reporting the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL in early January. Recently, Atlas has reportedly begun informing independent promoters that he would no longer be available for bookings after December. Several sources confirmed that he had signed a contract with WWE and is scheduled to report to the Performance Center in early January.”

Does Jake Atlas Have a Boyfriend? Is he dating anyone at the moment? Or is he single and still available? Initially, we thought the guy he’s with in the pic below is his boyfriend but it turns out they’re just friends. For those like us who are not in the know, the curly-haired guy is Jack Perry, son of the late actor Luke Perry, who wrestles under the moniker of Jungle Boy.

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jake atlas boyfriend jack perry jungle boy

In a 2018 GayStarNews interview after he came out, Jake revealed that he is single but he was in a relationship in high school: “I am very much single. I actually have only had one partner my whole life at 18 years old. It was a simple high school relationship that lasted a year, and I haven’t been able to experience anything similar since. I am so distracted and in love with wrestling at the moment that dating is so complicated to engage.”

He adds that he wants to have a family someday, “I do have a dream of getting married and starting a family one day. I’m sure that when the moment comes and stars align, I will find the right guy.”

Jake Atlas in Action in the Squared Circle. Jake slammin’ and jammin’ in the ring as wrestlers do:

jake atlas wrestling in action

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Jake Atlas Smoking Hot Photos. For the thirsty among us looking for sizzling hot pics of the 25 year old Mexican American wrestler.

jake atlas wresting titles

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