Jeffrey Toobin and Casey Greenfield and Other Media Scandals

Hey Jeffrey Toobin, watchu smiling about? Is it true that you were cozy-cozy with Casey Greenfield? According to the Daily Gossip section of the New York Daily News Jeffrey, the legal analyst for CNN, got a little too close with Casey Greenfield and that their relationship crossed the line. Casey is the daughter of CBS analyst Jeff Greenfield.

Tom Cox Gobekli Tepe Story or How Western Media Ignore Locals

Remember our beef against the Western-centric media which recognizes the work of and identifies the Westerners in their stories but who leave non-Western people, who played an equally important part in the story, unnamed and anonymous?

Well, we have a very good example for you: This Dailymail article by Tom Cox on the discovery of Gobekli Tepe which may or may not be the site of the Garden of Eden.

We spent several minutes reading and re-reading the story to find the identity of the shepherd [photo below] who discovered the site but his name is not mentioned. Nada. None. Unnamed. The Great Anonymous. Would he have been unidentified if he is from, say, the United States, or the UK, or Germany? We doubt it. But because he is from Turkey, the third world, the developing world, the South, he is left unnamed. Unidentified. The Great Anonymous. The nameless. [But we gotta give credit to Tom Cox for not leaving the shepherd faceless.]