Michael Yo Shirtless Photo, Girlfriend, Is He Gay or Straight?

Michael Yo Shirtless Photo. Wowza! Is that shirtless photo of Michael Yo for real? Damn! The guy must workout religiously to achieve a body like that. Or is it one of photoshopped images that talented boys/girls with too much time on their hands create to pass off as real? Anyhoo, if this photo is real then we should bow down to the hunky TV host for achieving such a great body. Yummm…..mmmmyyyy!

michael yo shirtless body - washboard abs - fake or real

Michael Yo Girlfriend: Is He Dating? By the by, who’s that girl with Michael above? Is that his girlfriend? Dating history website, whosdatedwho.com tells us that he dated Karina Smirnoff but we are not familiar with what she looks like so we are not sure whether that’s Karina or not. If you know, do tell in the comments. [For more TV hunks, check out the shirtless Matt Gutman.]

Anyhoo, looks like The Insider TV host is not dating at the moment. In an interview with Audrey magazine, he talks about his dating experiences and shares what he thinks about dating:

Q. So, let’s talk about dating with your unique perspective as someone half-black and half-Asian.
MY: Dating is dating. Women are women. I would date anyone: black girls, white girls, Asian girls. With the white girls, you know, they didn’t know what I was, so their parents didn’t know which stereotypes to apply. I mean the biggest thing about dating a white girl is more about how their parents will react. You know, a lot of parents will say they’re not racist or they don’t care until you’re actually dating their daughter.

Q. Do you think this is true for all ethnicities or just the girls that were white?
MY: I can’t say for all the ethnicities, but my own experience with white girls, and it’s not all the time obviously, but there were times when a girl would say, “Oh, my parents will totally be fine.” And then we started dating, and her parents found out, and they weren’t cool. She never knew that side of her parents. And sometimes you experience a side of her parents that [the parents] are experiencing for the first time.

Q. That’s interesting. For me, my first girlfriend was white and her parents were very cool with me. It was actually some of the parents of my Chinese or Korean girlfriends that didn’t like that I was Japanese. I was either a pervert or a war criminal.
MY: You automatically get stereotyped no matter what ethnicity you are. I’m half-black and Asian so what do girls automatically ask? “Oh, so are you big or small?” I get put into a box all the time. It’s just a stereotype, and I get it.

Q. I’m full Asian, so my box sucks. What about your parents? Do they have a preference? For girls to date, I mean.
MY: My parents being interracial, they never cared who I dated. So I never felt that pressure, whereas I know a lot of Asian parents want their daughters to date someone Asian. Now, I’m older so they just want kids. My mom is all, “You have baby? You have baby?” That’s all she cares about. And I do want that. My parents have been married 40 years, so I know what I want, and that’s what makes it so hard to find the right one.

Q. It does take a while to find the right one.
MY: In your 20s, you’re all about hooking up. You don’t really care what they say. True story, I was walking on the beach with a girl, and she looked up and said, “Oh my God, look at the shooting star.” I look up, and it’s an airplane. But all I cared about was hooking up so I said, “Make a wish.” Now I actually care about content. In my 30s I care about what they’re doing, if they’re hungry for life, for a career. Now I want somebody that I can grow with.


He’s a Blasian. For those of you wondering, Michael is part-black and part-Asian (Korean). Apparently, this particular racial combination is called a Blasian. His mixed background makes him one of the most unique guys on TV. He’s such a stud, no?

Here’s a photo of Michael as a young boy with his African-American dad and Korean immigrant mom. He’s an only child.

michael yo family - mom and dad - ethnicity is black and korean

Is Michael Yo Gay or Straight? As obvious in the interview excerpt above, Michael is straight. However, the denizens of gay-or-straight.com mistake him for a gay dude. Check out their gay-o-meter score for Michael:

gay-o-meter/gaydar for Michael Yo: According to 181 visitors Michael Yo is 77% gay. The average gay-rating on gay-or-straight.com is 69%, which means Michael Yo has been voted highly gay.

Another shirtless photo of Michael we grabbed from his instagram account (follow him @michaelyo)

michael yo shirtless - from his instagram account michaelyo

Michael Yo Underwear. Does he like boxers or briefs? Apparently, as obvious in the photo below, he likes boxer briefs aka the perfect combination of the best qualities of boxers and briefs.


Want some male models in Papi underwear like the brand Michael has above?