Olivier Giroud Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Is He Gay or Straight?

Olivier Giroud Underwear, Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend? Aww. Isn’t Olivier Giroud the manliest and cutest footballer of them all? For some reason, he is yet to be included in the most famous men’s calendar of the world aka Dieux du Stade/Gods of Football but thankfully, like them GOF models, he is apparently willing to drop his trousers for the benefit of his curious fans. Haha.

Oh my, Olivier!

olivier giroud underwear

What a tease this French hunk is, no? Come on now, show us some Olivier Giroud underwear!

olivier giroud shirtless

Good thing he’s got the goods to back up his teasiness (okay, we know that’s not a word but its cool to say it).

olivier giroud shirtless

For those of you who are like, “Who is this handsome, gorgeous man who sizzles in his short shorts?” we have the answer for you. But let’s have more of him in his sizzling short shorts, okay. Is he doing a pushup or something?

Anyhoo, Olivier Giroud is a 26 year old French football player who began playing professionally in 2005. So far, he has played for Grenoble, Istres, Tours, Montpelier and he has made the news lately when he joined the English Premier League football club Arsenal. The British press (aka The Guardian) likes him and he’s got his coach behind his back. Here’s what said paper reports about Giroud’s Arsenal experience so far:

It has become increasingly clear over the past few weeks that Giroud has become a leading light in Arsenal’s attacking strategy. He demonstrated that again against his old club Montpellier by racking up yet more assists for his collection. They were impressive in their variety too.

The first was a classic big-man knock-down where he hung in the air to nod the ball on for Jack Wilshere to flick in the opening goal. Then Giroud found his inner Alex Song, and scooped a deft pass for Lukas Podolski to volley in with stirring ferocity.

And what does his coach, Arsene Wenger say? He likes the French dude of course. Via The Guardian:

Olivier is a guy who fights for the team. Technically it was not one of his best games tonight but after the game when you measure his performance it’s decisive many times. He had two assists and defensively he is always reliable. When he’s a target man and uses his link play he is fantastic as he can win the ball in the air, score with his feet and can be the complete striker.

Does Olivier have a girlfriend? Or maybe a boyfriend? Haha! We don’t know about any boyfriend but he’s not apparently averse to a boy-on-boy action as seen in these photos where he kisses his teammates on the lips.

First, here’s our Olivier liplocking Mathieu Debuchy.

olivier giroud gay kiss mathieu debuchy

And he had some public display of lip affection with Mario Gotze. Ain’t that intense?

olivier giroud gay kissing mario gotze

So, with all his man-kissing, does this mean that our cute Olivier is, like George Clooney, “GAY, GAY, GAY”? [See Is George Clooney Gay?] Hmmm. Maybe not. He apparently has a girlfriend named Jennifer. [Update: She is actually his wife, they tied the knot in 2011.]

olivier giroud wife

Here’s the two of them in matching skinny jeans and white shirt. Lucky gal. Oh wait, we almost forgot to upload this underwear photo of our French hottie.

olivier giroud underwear

Kevin, the last pic is for yah!

Update: We are updating this post to give you more Olivier Giroud underwear photo. This time our French hottie is wearing tighty whities.

olivier giroud underwear briefs2

And here’s another Olivier Giroud underwear photo which was snapped by a girl named Celia Kay, a model he reportedly cheated with.

olivier giroud underwear - cheating

Olivier Giroud Underwear, Shirtless, Gay Kiss posted 4 December 2012. Updated 4 March 2017.