Brian McFayden Shirtless Photos: Gay or Girlfriend?

Brian McFayden Shirtless Photos. Is there anyone out there, like us here at Famewatcher, who is crushing on Brian McFayden? He is cutie, cute, cute isn’t he? Oh, and he kinda looks like our other media crush and imaginary boyfriend — Ronan Farrow.

Here are some Brian McFayden shirtless photos for those of you looking for ’em. We grabbed these pics from his Instagram account which you can follow @brianmcfayden.

Brian with dad (if we are not mistaken).

brian mcfayden shirtless with dad

Brian with son Dane McFayden.

brian mcfayden sone dane mcfayden

Hello there!

brian mcfayden body

He needs to do some bicep curls. Hehe.

brian mcfayden sexy shirtless

Now, don’t be like our friend Kevin who confused Brian McFayden, anchor for the HLN Morning Express Bleacher Report, with Irish singer Brian McFadden. McFayden is the guy in the photos above while McFadden is the dude below.


Of course, you should not also confuse Brian McFayden with Ronan Farrow. Hehe. Please tell us we are not the only one who think Ronan and Brian kinda resemble each other. Seriously, can you tell which is Brian and which is Ronan in the composite below? We used three images for each of them.

ronan farrow brian mcfayden3