Shirtless Doctors Calendar: Irish Doctors for Epilepsy Ireland

shirtless doctors - may 2015

Shirtless Doctors Calendar. Want to stare at hot Irish guys and support an epilepsy organization at the same time? Well, you should buy yourself a copy of this shirtless doctors calendar coming out of Ireland ( Whoever conceived of this idea deserves a lot of props from us here at Famewatcher because we love, love, love us some shirtless docs. Who does not, really?

Dr. Travis Stork Shirtless Photos: The Bachelor and The Doctors

travis stork body

Dr Travis Stork Shirtless Photos. Not surprisingly, we are not the only ones who love us our shirtless doctors. In fact, some of you fellow Famewatchers are very specific about the shirtless doc you want to see and that is Dr. Travis Stork who, apparently, starred in the eighth season of The Bachelor and is currently one of the doctor hosts/presenters on the syndicated talk show, The Doctors.