Eddie Liu Shirtless: Steve on Never Have I Ever

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Eddie Liu Shirtless Update. Look who’s moving from Sherman Oaks, LA to San Francisco? It’s our imaginary beau Eddie Liu who is starring in the upcoming TV show Kung Fu on The CW. He will be playing the role of Henry Yan who, from what we gathered, is the love interest of the lead character. Here’s Eddie with his onscreen girlfriend Nicky Shen (played by Olivia Liang):

Noah Beck Shirtless, Abs, Workout, Girlfriend

noah beck shirtless workout in shorts

Noah Beck Shirtless, Abs, Workout, Girlfriend. Who’s this cute guy in blue shorts doing a battle rope workout? His name, clueless Famewatcher, is Noah Beck. Apparently, he is one of the Gen Z celebrities who have become famous because of TikTok. Like, you know, if Justine Bieber became a worldwide celebrity by uploading videos on Youtube, Noah is making a name for himself by doing something similar on TikTok.

Damon J Gillespie Shirtless, Wedding, Ethnicity

Damon J Gillespie shirtless workout

Damon J Gillespie Shirtless, Wedding, Ethnicity. Today is the day that Tiny Pretty Things, the ballet TV series we’ve been blogging, will start streaming on Netflix. Yay. We are sooo looking forward to watching it to ogle at the hot male dancers we’ve been blogging about. Haha. Anyhoo, this will be our last installment and we saved our crush for last. Famewatchers, say hi to Damon J. Gillespie who will be playing the role of Caleb Wick on the show.

Workout Underwear: What Do Celebrities Wear?

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Workout Underwear: What Do Celebrities Wear? What’s the best workout underwear? It should be one that you are comfortable wearing, does not chafe, does not get in the way of your movements and, if you are working out in a public place, is not too revealing or does not invite attention.

Mens Workout Underwear: Gym, Exercise, Performance Undies

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Mens Workout Underwear. Here’s a question from reader Bryan T: Your site is becoming more of an underwear site rather than a celebrity site so I might as well ask you this question, “Is there a specific workout underwear for men? Or will your regular briefs or boxers suffice when you are doing any kind of workout whether at the gym or somewhere else?”