Rome Flynn Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards

Rome Flynn Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards. You may already be familiar with Rome Flynn because we included his photo in our post about Hot Guys in Sweatpants but let us learn more about him, shall we? First of all, did you know that the 30 year old hunky actor is starring in a new TV series on Amazon Prime? Yes, Virginia, he is playing the role of Zantiago Sayas in the romantic comedy With Love which is scheduled to drop two days from now on December 17.

rome flynn model style

Secondly, you may only be learning about Rome now because of his upcoming project With Love but this ain’t actually his first rodeo. He’s been in the biz since 2013 and, as a matter of fact, he is one of the few actors in Hollywood who can boast that they got themselves an Emmy trophy.

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Toby Stephens Shirtless, Young, Wife, Workout

Toby Stephens Shirtless, Young, Wife, Workout. Famewatchers, did you know that Dame Maggie Smith aka Professor McGonagall aka Dowager Countess of Grantham has kids? These two most prominent characters in the many movies and TV shows she starred in are so iconic and so stuck in our minds such that we were kinda surprised to discover that she is actually the off-screen in-real-life mother of Toby Stephens, the lead star of Netflix’s Lost in Space.

toby stephens mother maggie smith

Toby’s later father (he passed away in 1995) is an acclaimed actor in his own right too and, to quote wikipedia, “he was one of the most respected actors of his generation and was at one time regarded as the natural successor to Laurence Olivier”.

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Victor Turpin Underwear, Shirtless Workout, and Boyfriend

Victor Turpin Underwear, Shirtless Workout, and Boyfriend. Who’s the apparently happy guy working out in his briefs underwear and what’s up with the barbell he is using? Fellow clueless Famewatcher, his name is Victor Turpin. He is a Colombian-American actor and this image is screencapped from the 2017 movie Killing Hasselhoff where he played the role of Sebastian.

As for that thing he is lifting for his workout we are totally clueless whether it is technically a barbell what with the roundish balls at the edges and all.

Victor Turpin underwear - killing hasselhoff

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Eddie Liu Shirtless: Steve on Never Have I Ever

Eddie Liu Shirtless Update. Look who’s moving from Sherman Oaks, LA to San Francisco? It’s our imaginary beau Eddie Liu who is starring in the upcoming TV show Kung Fu on The CW. He will be playing the role of Henry Yan who, from what we gathered, is the love interest of the lead character. Here’s Eddie with his onscreen girlfriend Nicky Shen (played by Olivia Liang):

eddie liu girlfriend in kung fuolivia liang as nicky shen

Of course, because we know some of you are thirsty for some shirtlessness, here are some pics of Eddie from his Insta (follow him @eddieliuwho):

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Noah Beck Shirtless, Abs, Workout, Girlfriend

Noah Beck Shirtless, Abs, Workout, Girlfriend. Who’s this cute guy in blue shorts doing a battle rope workout?

His name, clueless Famewatcher, is Noah Beck. Apparently, he is one of the Gen Z celebrities who have become famous because of TikTok. Like, you know, if Justine Bieber became a worldwide celebrity by uploading videos on Youtube, Noah is making a name for himself by doing something similar on TikTok.

noah beck shirtless workout in shorts

And because he’s good-lookin’, has abs comparable to a sculpted Greek god, and is ain’t shy about showing off his body, we expect him to become more famous in the coming years.

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Damon J Gillespie Shirtless, Wedding, Ethnicity

Damon J Gillespie Shirtless, Wedding, Ethnicity. Today is the day that Tiny Pretty Things, the ballet TV series we’ve been blogging, will start streaming on Netflix. Yay. We are sooo looking forward to watching it to ogle at the hot male dancers we’ve been blogging about. Haha.

Anyhoo, this will be our last installment and we saved our crush for last. Famewatchers, say hi to Damon J. Gillespie who will be playing the role of Caleb Wick on the show.

Caleb is a lean and handsome dancer who struggles to accept his new roommate Nabil — played by Michael Hsu Rosen — “manufacturing conflicts in the hopes of seeing him ousted. With prejudices carried over from his father who died in the military, Caleb must learn to direct his pain and find a toehold of common ground with his roommate.”

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