Juan Pablo Raba Gay or Straight in Real Life?

Juan Pablo Raba Gay or Straight? Look who’s going to play the first gay superhero in the history of ever? It’s Latino hunk Juan Pablo Raba! He’s been cast in the ABC show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to play Joey Gutierrez, an “Inhuman and former construction worker with the ability to melt certain metals who is recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. for Daisy Johnson’s Secret Warriors team”.

Is Juan Pablo Raba gay in real life? Nah. He is straight. And a ladies’ man. Oh, he’s also very much married so don’t think imagine yourself dancing the horizontal dance with him. Hehe.

Anyhoo, here’s Juan Pablo with his family — wife Monica Fonseca (she’s a TV journalist) and baby boy Joaquin Raba Fonseca.

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Brian Sene Marc Shirtless, Girlfriend, Latino Cutie on Luke Cage

Brian Sene Marc Shirtless, Girlfriend, Luke Cage and Other Stuff. Who is the cute, up-to-no-good, but totally shaggable barbershop aide on Luke Cage? The character’s name is Chico Diaz but the actor playing the role is Brian Sene Marc. Brian may be a newbie in the acting world but he’s been in the music biz for some time as one half of the R&B electro duo denetia and sene.

Here’s a pic of the twosome:

brian sene marc denitia and sene

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CNCO Shirtless Boyband Photos – Gay or Girlfriend – The Next Menudo?

CNCO Shirtless Photos: The Next Big Latino Boyband? Famewatchers, meet CNCO aka The Next Big Latino Boyband. Is the group the next Menudo? We sure hope so! CNCO is backed by Simon Cowell and they have the blessing of Ricky Martin so they are ahead of their peers. Lord knows we’ve been praying for a boyband to replace One Direction which is headed to Splitsville. [Related post: Young Latinos in Hollywood.]

But first of all, where did this group come from?

Apparently, they won a singing competition called La Banda which is aired on Univision, developed by Simon Cowell, and produced by Ricky Martin. Ricky also serves as one of the show’s judges. More about the group from billboard.com: Continue reading “CNCO Shirtless Boyband Photos – Gay or Girlfriend – The Next Menudo?”

Lenny Platt Shirtless: Latino Lawyer Hunk – Gay or Girlfriend?

Lenny Platt Shirtless Photos. Did you know Quantico actor Lenny Platt is 3/4th Latino? Did you also know that he is also a lawyer? Lenny tells us more about his ethnic background in this interview with hypable.com:

Your character name is Drew Perales, right? What is he like? What does he do in his spare time? What does he listen to at the gym when he works out?
Cash Money Records, Drew would definitely be into. Drew is from Chicago. He’s from Humboldt Park, Chicago, which is a predominantly Puerto Rican neighborhood. When I got the part — well, first of all, the character’s name was Drew Walker. They changed the last name. My mother’s Puerto Rican, and my dad’s half Dominican and half Polish, which is where I got my name, Leonard Platt. Otherwise, three quarters of me is Hispanic. So they asked my permission to write [my actual ethnicity] into the character. So he’s from a Puerto Rican neighborhood in Chicago, and he’s an ex-NFL player. He actually plays for the Bears. He’s a star wide receiver, which is a pretty cool character to play on TV.

Now, here are some Lenny Platt shirtless pics for those of you looking for such: The first ones from One Life to Live where our Lenny plays the role of one of the three Salinger bros, Nate Salinger.

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Mario Lopez Underwear: Boxers, Briefs, or Lingerie for Men

Mario Lopez Underwear. What kind of underwear does E! TV host like to wear? Years ago, we thought he’s more of a boxer briefs kind of guy but then we saw him running in a pair of purple briefs so it is safe to say that he’s an equal-opportunity wearer.

In fact, in this post, we see him wear briefs and boxer briefs as well as lingerie for men and what looks like a pair of loincloth underwear.

By the way, did you know that the Latino hunk has, in the past few years, launched his underwear labels? He launched Rated M in 2011 and MaLo a year later. What encouraged him to come up with his own underwear brand?

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