James Rodriguez Underwear – J10 by Bronzini

James Rodriguez Underwear. If you are looking for a footballer to crush on, you certainly can’t go wrong with Colombian footie star James Rodriquez.

He’s fresh. He’s young (at only 23 years old). He’s got gorgeous model good looks. He’s very talented (he’s the top scorer in the 2014 World Cup). And, he’s loaded with money — millions and millions of ’em. When he signed with Real Madrid in June this year for what many believe amounts to €80 million, our gorgeous James became “the 4th most expensive player in history, the 3rd most expensive in Real Madrid’s history, and the most expensive Colombian to date surpassing Radamel Falcao’s €60 million in 2013”.

Oh and get this, the handsome Colombian football star has just launched his own underwear label – J10. Ten refers to his jersey number but let’s start a silly rumor that it also stands for his you-know-what in inches. Hahaha. By the by, our James underwear is made in collaboration with Colombian underwear brand Bronzini.

james rodriguez j10 underwear - boxer briefs6

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James Rodriguez Shirtless: Sin Camisa Futbol Star

James Rodriguez Shirtless. Did you know that “shirtless” in Spanish is “sin camisa”? Yeah, we didn’t either. We found this out when we were trying to read articles on this handsome 22 year old Colombian football star. Said articles were written in Spanish but with the help of Google Translate, we got to know what “sin camisa” means. And now, you know too. We do learn new things here in Famewatcher, don’t we?

James Rodriguez body - locker room - colombian football hunk2

Thumbs up, brother! You’re the man! [Want more young sports stars, check out our post on hockey player Aaron Ekblad.]

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Luis Suarez Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Luis Suarez Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Ugh, its very likely that the England national football team’s gonna be eliminated soon thanks to the ball-kicking goodness of Uruguay’s Luis Suarez who outscored the whole English team in the England vs. Uruguay match two days ago. Bad for these shirtless English footballers but vewwy vewwy good for their Uruguay rivals.

This, of course, gives us an excuse to blog about the shirtlessness of Luis Suarez because why not. Hehe. Here’s our Latino hunk with no shirt.

luis suarez shirtless

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Gael Garcia Bernal Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Gael Garcia Bernal Underwear and Shirtless Photos. You didn’t think we’d write a post about Diego Luna’s underwear without writing one for his kissin’ partner Gael Garcia Bernal, did you? First, have you ever seen him wearing women’s clothes?

gael garcia bernal gay bad education - dressed as a woman

He sure is believable as a woman with them bee-stung lips and all. Hehe. For those of you wondering why in heaven’s name is the hunky Mexican actor wearing women’s clothes, rest assured that he’s not doing it for the sake of doing it (a-la our favorite British bad boy Alex Reid). Gael is actually playing a role as a vengeful drag queen in the 2004 drama Bad Education, about child sexual abuse by a predator priest in a Catholic school. Ugh.

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Michael Pena Shirtless Hot Guy in LAPD Uniform

Michael Pena Shirtless Hot Guy in LAPD Uniform. Oh Michael Pena, you should have more shirtless photos. And don’t wait for Jake Gyllenhaal’s presence before you take your shirt off unless you want us to make some Brokeback joke in which case you should go ahead and chuck off your trousers too. Haha.

michael pena shirtless

All together now fellow Famewatchers, “Michael Pena and Jake Gyllenhaal sitting on a tree!”

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