Love After Lockup Shane Whitlow: Last Name, Charge, Ex-Girlfriend

Love After Lockup Shane Whitlow: Last Name, Charge, Ex-Girlfriend. So, anyone of you fellow Famewatchers watching Love After Lockup? We still have to watch it ourselves but we’ve been listening to Brice Izyah’s recaps of the show on Purple Pants Podcast. Brice has been talking Shane up so much we decided to look up the guy to see whether he is as hawt as described or whether Brice needs to buy himself a pair of glasses. Well, turns out Shane is indeed a Love After Lockup hottie. Check out this pic he shared on his Instagram account (shane_loveafterlockup):

shane love after lock up last name

He sure has got the goods that we THOTs of Famewatcher are looking for. We agree with Mr. Izyah’s judgement on this one. By the way, for those of you who are wondering, Shane’s last name or family name is Whitlow. You can call him Shane Whitlow, baby. We found this out on his profile which is most probably where Lacey first set her eyes on him. Here’s Shane’s photo on said profile:

shane whitlow love after lockup - in prison

Seriously, he really is a good looking guy, no? We can see why Lacey and Brice are #teamshane. Anyhoo, here’s what Shnae wrote about himself on his Meet an Inmate account:

I am 21 years old and very passionate about physical fitness. Things I do in my spare time: ride dirt bikes, four-wheeling, sports, music and traveling. I’m always open to try new things. When I’m released, I plan to get my degree in nutrition and certification in physical fitness, then confident, but not over confident. I love to laugh, being around others smiling and having fun brings joy to my heart. Life is too short not to live life to its fullest. I’m looking for someone who wants to have fun and share some laughs together.

shane love after lock up girlfriend lacey

Question for those of you who watch the show: What exactly is the reason why he was in prison in the first place? The folks at Reddit say it’s malicious wounding but are just as clueless as to what that exactly means. Second question: Do you think he’s got an ex-girlfriend who’d be going after him because he is now on Love After Lockup? We won’t be surprised if it happens, this is reality TV after all.

shane whitlow last name love after lock up hot sexy

He sure looks good in his tank top shirt!