Bachar Houli in Sexy Football Shorts


Famewatchers, meet Australian rules football player Bachal Houli. This Lebanese-Australian hunk has been called by some as the Muslim ambassador to the world of football or, alternatively, the football ambassador to the Muslim world. Now, those are good titles but let’s give him another one, what about we call him the hottest footballer in short shorts?

Xavier Samuel Shirtless Photos: Riley in Eclipse Movie

Look who’s dressed in black leather coat? It’s our newest favorite Twilight hunk, Australian actor Xavier Samuel who, as we reported earlier, has been cast as Riley in the Twilight: Eclipse movie. He was caught here by them paparazzi in Vancouver where the movie is being filmed.



Let’s hope that Xavier will maintain his Australian “suniness” and not follow the route of Robert Pattinson who, whenever he’s photographed, looks sad, conflicted, lifeless and, to paraphrase Kathy Griffin, as if he’s ready to drop dead. Maybe Robert’s role is getting into him, eh?

Paul ‘PJ’ James: Muscled Hunk to Fat Dude

What would you do if you’re a trainer with a buffed model’s body and your clients are fat? Well, if you are Paul “PJ” James, you would eat a lot of carbohydrates and fatty foods and get fat so that, get this, you can identify with your client.

You know what, we don’t know whether to praise this guy for his commitment to his clients or whether to hit him in the head and hopefully make him see the light that he shouldn’t be playing with his health.

Ian Thorpe Daniel Mendes Relationship: Gay Lovers?

IAN THORPE DANIEL MENDES GAY RELATIONSHIP? Expect those gay rumors about Ian Thorpe to pop, pop, pop up once again and expect googlers to go bonkers typing “Is Ian Thorpe Really Gay” now that the Australian media has identified Ian’s buddy who is reportedly living with him. Daniel Mendes, the former mystery man, is from Brazil which probably produces the hottest men on earth. More…