Blake Dubler Actor: Aussie Stars on Bravo’s Timber Creek Lodge

Blake Dubler Actor on Timber Timber Creek Lodge. Who’s the cute guy rocking his suspenders in the photo below? His name, fellow Famewatchers, is Blake Dubler. He is an Australian actor with 13 acting credits to his name according to IMDB. He will also be starring on the Bravo reality show, Timber Creek Lodge, along with Latino hottie Colston Villanueva and dreamboat Mark Milburn. [Want more celebrity suspenders?]

blake dubler actor hot in suspenders

Why a legit actor like Blake chooses to become a reality star may surprise other people. But it means more exposure for him. And, maybe he legit loves to work in a ski resort like Timber Creek Lodge. By the way, did you know that lots of Aussies sort of “conquered” some snow towns in Canada (and one in Japan)? Maybe Blake is one of them Aussie “conquerors”.

blake dubler timber creek lodge aussie actor

Anyhoo, here’s Blake’s Timber Creek Lodge profile on

Blake Dubler is a fun, outgoing and lovable Aussie. He has a deep love for the outdoors growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney where he is an avid surfer and snowboarder. He has run multiple startups and companies, as well as working as a multimedia producer for companies such as Snowboard Addition in Whistler.

blake dubler actor timber creek lodge

He was born into the hospitality world, growing up with parents owning restaurants and cafes, he quickly learned the tools of the trade working at his parents businesses as well as bartending for private functions and events.

Blake is also a supporter of numerous organizations having worked as a mentor with under privileged youth for Life Without Barriers, as well as sponsoring children with Compassion Australia. Blake loves people and the outdoors so working for Gibbons in Whister is a perfect fit.

Are you surprised that his profile fails to mention that our Blake is an actor? Anyhoo, here are more Blake Dubler actor photos.

blake dubler shirtless sexy aussie actor

blake dubler timber creek lodge actor

Blake Dubler Shirtless Photos, Gay or Girlfriend? We have no shirtless pic of our Aussie actor/reality star at the moment. We also have no info if he is gay or straight or whether he is in a relationship. But we will update this post once we have the relevant info/photo.

blake dubler girlfriend or gay

If you want more Blake, follow him on Instagram (@blakedubler).