Celebrity Suspenders: Famous Men and Women Wearing Suspenders

Celebrity Suspenders: Famous Men and Women Wearing Suspenders. Celebrities wearing suspenders is not a new fashion trend. In fact, it dates back to as far as…. well, we don’t know exactly when but we think suspenders became more popular among Hollywood stars (and the men’s fashion world) when Michael Douglas played his iconic role as Gordon Gecko in that 1987 Wall Street movie.

Remember him? He’s the “Greed is Good” guy.

celebrity suspenders

Anyhoo, we made a list of celebrities who wear suspenders. Let’s start with British actor Robert Pattinson who’s seen here wearing suspenders on the set of Water for Elephants which co-stars Reese Witherspoon.

celebrities wearing suspenders

Please tell us we’re not the only ones who’d like to spank Pattinson’s behind? Are we?

celebrities wearing suspenders robert pattinson

Hey, let’s stop thinking silly thoughts, shall we? Instead, let’s go back to our task which is to feature celebrities wearing suspenders such as Glee hunks Mark Salling and Cory Monteith.

Hmmm, no thoughts of spanking this time around but we always feel the urge to rub the head of bald guys. Watch out, Mr. Sallling, we’re gonna rub you!

celebrities wearing suspenders mark salling

celebrity suspenders black

Of course, suspenders ain’t only for the boys. Girl celebrities can wear them too like the Supermodel and Superdiva that is Tyra Banks. So if any of you girl Famewatchers are wondering whether you should have a suspender in your closet, you should go ahead and get yourself some. If a fashionista like Tyra says you can wear suspenders, then you can wear one.

girls suspenders

Speaking of fashionistas, here’s a male fashionista who’s rocking his suspenders: Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl. Thank God he’s wearing a bright red suspender because otherwise our attention will be focused on the size of them nasal holes. They’re as big as the bat caves of our beloved hometown. Please don’t sue us, Mr. Westwick.

celebrity suspenders ed westwick

One of the good things about suspenders is that it is ageless. Unlike some fashion styles which you should stop wearing once you reach a certain age (like low rise jeans or Speedo banana hammocks), a suspender is not an ageist.

In fact, the King of Suspenders is the good old Larry King who deserves a lot of credit for keeping suspenders in the limelight.

larry king wearing his bright colored suspenders

By the way, you don’t have to be wearing formal clothes to wear suspenders. Suspenders can go with your singlet shirt too. And it isn’t just for fancy boys. Tough guys, like Denzel Washington, love them their suspenders too.

So that’s our list of suspender wearing-celebrities. Who do you like us to add to this list? Remember our fashion tip about not wearing both a suspender and a belt? We’re glad to know that these guys are not committing such a fashion mistake.

Celebrity Suspenders: Famous Men and Women Wearing Suspenders. Posted 19 April 2011.