Dan Ewing Girlfriend, Shirtless in Jeans, Gay or Straight, Underwear Hunk

Dan Ewing Girlfriend Katrina Risteska, Shirtless in Jeans, and Underwear Photos. Today in hot men in jeans, we bring you Aussie actor Dan Ewing and his many sizzling photos wearing nothing but a pair of jeans.

dan ewing shirtless - hot guy in jeans

How hot is this guy? He is so hot we’d bring him home to mama in a heartbeat. However, we gotta recognize we cannot do that because he got himself a girlfriend. Here’s the lucky Dan Ewing girlfriend and her man.

dan ewing girlfriend kat risteska

The name of Dan’s girl is Katrina Riskesta. She is a dancer/actress so, like Dan, she’s also in the biz. To date, she has six acting credits to her name according to IMDB.

Apparently, Dan and Kat knew each other for some time? The Daily Mail reports:

A source told Daily Mail Australia the good-looking couple has known each other for six years, meeting well before they re-connected on the set of Home and Away.

‘They met when she was 19, because she belongs to the same management group that Dan used to belong to,’ the source said. ‘So [ex-wife Marni and Dan] have both known her for a long time.’

Dan Ewing Shirtless in Jeans. Anyhoo, just because he is taken does not mean we cannot appreciate Dan’s manly hotness, right? Check out these photos of our Aussie hunk rocking his jeans.

dan ewing shirtless in jeans

Dan rocks the pages of TV Magazine.

dan ewing smoking shirtless

A shirtless Dan Ewing in jeans with Home and Away pals Lincoln Younes and Steve Peacocke. Who is the hottest Braxton boy? You can only pick one, baby!

lincoln younes steve peacock dan ewing shirtless in jeans

Dan Ewing Underwear Photos. Aside from being an actor, our Dan is also a male model. His favorite modeling outfit? Well, sexy briefs underwear of course!!! Check out Dan in his underoos.

dan ewing underwear model

Who says you can’t drive your bike in your briefs underwear? Certainly not our gorgeous actor.


We also see Dan working in what looks like an auto-shop in his underwear. Huh? Is he holding a welding rod? We should report him — or his employer — to the safety board or something. No man should ever, ever work in a shop like this while wearing nothing but his undies!


Dan Ewing Gay or Straight? He is straight but is an ally to the LGBT community. In fact, he joined the Sydney Mardi Gras to express his support.

Let’s end this post with this photo of Dan posing for the NoH8 campaign, shall we?

dan ewing gay or straight