Harley Bonner Shirtless, Underwear, Nike Jammer Swimsuit Photos

Who’s the shirtless cute guy texting on the couch in the photo above? That cutie, fellow Famewatcher, is Australian soap actor Harley Bonner. He plays Josh Willis, an elite swimmer, on the long-running Australian show, Neighbours which is notable for producing global superstars such as Natalie Imbruglia, Kylie Minogue, and the super-talented but underrated actor that is Guy Pearce.

harley bonner sexy - no shirt

Harley Bonner Shirtless Photos: But let’s get back to Harley because we know you want more of him. He looks gorgeous with no shirt so let’s check out his shirtless pics, shall we?

Here’s our twenty-something hunk wearing a Nike Jammer swimsuit.

harley bonner speedo - nike jammer swimsuit

He made the pages of Aussie magazine, Famous.

harley bonner washboard abs

With Neighbours co-star Taylor Glockner. Shirtless bromance, baby! A little bit gay but maybe we’re just being old-fashioned and not in touch with what young people are into these days. OMG. We are now the cranky old neighbor! Haha.

harley bonner shirtless with Taylor Glockner

Harley Bonner Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? What style of underwear does Harley prefer? We know that his character onscreen likes boxer shorts.

harley bonner underwear - neighbours - australian tv show

But we’re going to bet that, in real life, our Aussie hunk prefers to wear snug briefs.

harley bonner underwear waistband - bond brand

Can you ID the brand of underwear that’s peeking out from his jeans? Looks like Bonds underwear to us but we are not 100% sure. Bonds is an Aussie brand, though, so we are 90% sure. Haha.

Harley’s Family: Here’s a pic of Harley with his baby brother which he shared through his instagram account (you can follow him @harleympbonner). By the way he’s taking care of his bro, it looks like Harley is gonna be a good dad, no?

harley bonner family - baby brother - from harleympbonner instagram

Harley is the son of Carla Bonner who’s also a cast member of Neighbours. But before you accuse anyone of getting a job through family connections, you should know that Harley got his role in Neighbours through the good old-fashioned audition process. Here’s Harley talking about auditioning in an interview with Digital Spy:

How did the role come about?
“I have an agent and I just did the same as every other actor. You audition hundreds of times and you only get a handful of gigs. This role happened to come up and I thought it would be a really good opportunity. It is a good time in your life to be at this point, so I went for it and happened to get it.”

We don’t know the name of Harley’s dad but, according to perfectblend.net, the dad is Carla’s childhood sweetheart but they ended their relationship in 2002.

[Oops: We thought the baby boy with Harley in the photo above is his younger brother Jhye but apparently not because Jhye is born in 1998 according to wikipedia and would be 15/16 years old by now. Maybe the baby is is his brother from dad’s side. Or maybe the photo was taken several years ago when Harley and Jhye were younger. It’s kind of hard to tell.]

Harley Bonner Girlfriend: What is Harley’s relationship status? Is he dating anyone? Does he have a girlfriend?

We must admit that we don’t know the answers to the above questions but we hope to update this post once we have the answers. Now, if you are in the know, do tell us about Harley’s girlfriend (or lack thereof) in the comments. Danke.