Kunal Nayyar Underwear: Briefs or Boxers

What brand of underwear is he wearing? Looks like a pair of Calvin Klein to us but it could be another brand. [For celebrities wearing CK undies, check out our posts on Men’s Calvin Klein Underwear.] Surely Kunal wears other brands too. Check him out in the pic below with a Polo Ralph Lauren underwear peeking from his low waist trousers.

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Hot Vietnamese Guys: Le Minh Hieu, Male Model

He looks gorgeous in his blue jeans and … wow …. those are some mean sculpted washboard ab muscles. That’s what our friend Deena calls, Them Lickable Sixpack abs. Beach shorts, boxer shorts, and cargo shorts all look fabulous on this gorgeous Vietnamese male model. We’re not sure if all these outfits are also from Seahorse but the boxer shorts is.