Manny Jacinto Shirtless, Girlfriend, Dianne Doan, Parents, Ethnicity

manny jacinto hot

Manny Jacinto Shirtless, Girlfriend, Dianne Doan, Parents, Ethnicity. Damn, our imaginary Asian boyfriend has got himself engaged! We are referring of course to Manny Jacinto who some of you know as the bomb-throwin’, Blake Bortles lovin’, and fake drugs sellin’ Jason Mendoza in The Good Place.

Rich Ting Shirtless, Underwear Model, Girlfriend, Wife

rich ting male runway model

Rich Ting Shirtless, Underwear Model, Girlfriend, Wife. Today in male celebrity underwear, we bring you American actor Rich Ting who, once upon a time, did a runway modeling gig for Ed Hardy. Huh, we thought Ed Hardy is only about them silly shirts but apparently it sells mens underwear too.

Jordan Andino Girlfriend, Parents, Shirtless Chef

jordan andino shirtless body

Says People Magazine of our hot chef: “The 29-year-old host of Cooking Channel’s Late Nite Eats dishes out playful fusion dishes at his fast-casual taqueria—like the Filipino Underground Crunchwrap, a twist on a Taco Bell classic with braised short rib, kimchi fried rice, Mexican cheese. (How he maintains his ripped body is still unclear).”

Singaporean Men Are Hot AF: Hottest Models and Celebrities

shane pow shirtless singaporean hunks

Singaporean Men Are Hot as F*ck: Who’s The Hottest of Them All? More than ten years later, we are updating this post to bring you more hot Singaporean men. However, our Grandma Akita asked us to tone down the post which is her way of saying we should not include photos of men in revealing skimpy briefs. Hehe. Oh, come on, Grandma, you’re such a killjoy. When did you become Queen Victoria?