Shaan Patel Shirtless, Girlfriend Pooja, Family Karma

Shaan Patel Shirtless, Girlfriend Pooja, Family Karma. Let us continue blogging about the cast member of Bravo’s Family Karma, shall we? This time, let us check out Shaan Patel looks gorgeous in this cast photo from Bravo:

shaan patel family karma on bravo

More about Shaan from his Bravo profile:

Shaan Patel is a young entrepreneur who started his real estate and design construction firm, Tanin Group, when he was 24 years old. Shaan comes from one of the first wealthy Indian families to settle in the community. After growing up on a compound dubbed “Grand Central Station,” with over 20 family members in 3 adjacent houses, he has since moved out to live with his girlfriend Pooja. He continues to work with his successful business and now is under pressure to set a wedding date.

Shaan Patel Girlfriend Pooja. Now, because our business here at Famewatcher is to be nosy, we went snooping for what Shaan’s girl looks like. Thankfully for our lazy asses, it was an easy task because the lovebirds are sharing some of their photos on their Instagram accounts which we grabbed for you.

shaan patel girlfriend pooja - family karma

You can follow both on Instagram specifically @shaanmiami for Shaan and @pooj.01 for Pooja. We must say that while ogling at their Instagram photos, these two are so in love we would not be surprised if they actually tie the knot during the show. Go for it, lovebirds!!!

shaan patel girlfriend pooja

Apparently, the two are doing #theobamaschallenge where folks imitate the poses and actions seen in photos of the Obamas.

shaan and pooja - the obamas challenge

We gotta admit that we really, really miss Barack and Michelle. Given how crazy US politics has become, it seems like the Obama era — where decency and accountability was the rule of the day — was a long time ago, no? Damn.

Shaan Patel Shirtless Photos. Of course, because we know that some of you are thirsty hos and THOTs who like ’em some shirtless guy photos, we grabbed these photos of our Indian hunk chillin’ in the pool:

shaan patel shirtless - family karma - bravo tv

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shaan patel shirtless body

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