Bryan Singer Boyfriend: Jess the Male Model

bryan singer boyfriend - jess

Bryan Singer Update. Oh boy, what a difference a few year makes! We are updating this post to note that the noted director, who was at the top of Hollywood a few years back, has sort of become a persona non grata in the entertainment biz. Why, you ask? Because of several allegations that he took advantage of and abused eager young guys coming to Hollywood to pursue their showbiz dreams. He faced several lawsuits and seems to have beaten them (through settlements) but the stories about his predatory ways are too many for Hollywood people to ignore.

John Whaite Shirtless Chef, Boyfriend, Strictly Come Dancing

john whaite hot in tank top shirt

John Whaite Shirtless Chef, Boyfriend, Strictly Come Dancing. So, fellow Famewatchers, who among you are looking forward to John Thwaite dance his way to victory on Strictly Come Dancing? Well, we don’t really know whether he’ll win the disco ball (aka the ugliest winner’s trophy in the history of trophies) but he will be making history on the show as the first male celebrity to be paired with a male professional dancer. John and his pro partner will be following the footsteps of boxer Nicola Adams and dance partner Katya Jones who, in the 18th edition of the series last year, were the first all female (and first same-sex) couple to ever grace the show.

Matt Pappadia Model, Actor, The Circle Hunk

Matt Pappadia gay boyfriend

Matt Pappadia Model, Actor, The Circle Hunk. Season 3 of the hit Netflix reality show The Circle is just around the corner and, boy, we have a buffed gay man who loves posing in his underwear to root for. Yay! Thirsty Famewatchers, say hi to Matt Pappadia (he also goes by Matthew). He is from Long Island, is a part of the LGBT community, and he’s arguably the most famous contestant to have been cast in The Circle US. We say this because he’s been modeling and acting for some time now and has actually starred in four movies/TV shows with him as one of the leads.

Cheyenne Jackson Shirtless, Wedding, Husband

cheyenne jackson underwear peekabo

Cheyenne Jackson Shirtless and Underwear Photos, Part II. Watching Cheyenne as the evil ghost on Julie and the Phantoms make us remember how gorgeous he is. Which is why we went looking for shirtless photos of the guy. We were hoping we’d find some from back in the early aughts when he was not as famous as today but our friend Kevin went, “What are you talking about, the guy’s always been famous.”

Vincent Rodriguez Shirtless Photos: Crazy Ex Girlfriend

vincent rodriguez shirtless body

Vincent Rodriguez III Shirtless, Part II. Five years after we posted this back in 2015, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is no more as it wrapped up in April 2019. Anyhoo, lest we forget, this post is actually about Josh aka Vincent and we are bringing you more shirtlessness and underwear photos from the guy. We grabbed these images from his Insta which you might want to follow @vrodrigueziii:

Callum Scott Howells Boyfriend, Shirtless, Hirsute Look

Callum Scott Howells gay in real life

Callum Scott Howells Boyfriend, Shirtless, Hirsute Look. Want more Hot Welsh Men? Well, let’s check out Callum Scott Howells who had a star-making turn as Colin Morris-Jones on the critically acclaimed BBC show It’s A Sin. Initially, we thought he’s been in the biz for some time but then we found out that the AIDS series is actually his very first acting gig in front of the camera. He really is talented and we hope that his star will continue to rise and shine brighter in the future.