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Public appreciation for celebrities who are keeping their chest hair and leaving them unshaved. Who has the manliest and most exciting chest hair of them all?

Jeremy Renner Shirtless, Young, Girlfriend, Awards

Jeremy Renner Shirtless, Young, Girlfriend, Awards. Apparently, although we’ve been writing some stuff about Jeremy Renner, we really haven’t added some pics of him sans any shirt. So, for the thirsty Famewatchers among us, here are some shirtless photos of the talented actor.

jeremy renner gay in dahmer

Did you know that he played Jeffrey Dahmer? The above screencap is from the 2002 movie Dahmer where he played the serial killer. This earned him an acting nomination from the Independent Spirit Award and placed him on the map as a very good up-and-coming actor. Here are more photos of Jeremy when he was younger: Continue reading Jeremy Renner Shirtless, Young, Girlfriend, Awards

Darren Criss Shirtless, Wedding, Awards

Darren Criss Shirtless, Wedding, Awards. We should have made this update when Darren got married or when he was winning awards but it’s better late than never, no? First, about him getting married! He tied the knot last February 2019 with long-time girlfriend Mia Swier. Here’s a photo from their wedding.

darren criss wedding wife mia swier

Last month, the couple revealed that they are on the family way and that they are expecting their first child this coming spring. Yay, for Darren and Mia! Now, next in our update is that Darren won three major awards for his role as Andrew Cunanan (which we blogged about below). First, here’s Darren receiving his Emmy Award for best actor: Continue reading Darren Criss Shirtless, Wedding, Awards

Steve Lund Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Steve Lund Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Look who’s starring in another Hallmark Christmas movie? It’s our imaginary Canadian beau Steve Lund, that’s who! In fact, he is starring in not one but to Christmas movies this year. First is A Mrs. Miracle Christmas and the other is the movie Baby, It’s Cold Outside where he plays the role of Ben, the designer of The Ice Hotel, which features in the film.

steve lund hallmark christmas movie

Apparently, Hallmark didn’t go cheap in producing the movie because the Ice Hotel was so detailed and realistic. Says Steve in his interview with “I was totally blown away by the detail of the hotel. Each room is different and there’s like something like 30 rooms, maybe more than that. At first, I only saw the original structure, then low and behold, beyond that there are many others. So much has gone into it. The craftsmanship, the dedication to the vision to conceive of something like that when you’re just staring at a block of ice is miraculous. There were rooms covered with dragons and gargoyle-type characters, but those didn’t really suit the vibe of the film, so we stayed away from them. I wish that people could have seen the rooms. They were incredible.” Continue reading Steve Lund Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Mark Harmon Shirtless and Speedo Photos

Mark Harmon Speedo Update. You think we’re done making updates on this post? Nah, we’re most definitely not! We will make updates so long as we continue to find gems like the photos below where our young Mark competed in a beauty pageant. Apparently, after he was named as the S*xiest Man Alive by People Magazine, he and his comedy buddies on Saturday Night Live did a skit where he wins a beauty pageant. Here are some pics from the episode:

mark harmon young 1986 with jon lovitz - 1986

For those wondering, F. Murray Abraham is actually Jon Lovitz. Continue reading Mark Harmon Shirtless and Speedo Photos