Sachin Bhatt Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend?

Sachin Bhatt Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend? So, we were watching the latest season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix and we are on the episode where we get to know Peter’s boyfriend and we were like, “Hot damn! Peter sure knows how to pick his man! He’s a lucky guy, this Peter, he’s always hooking up with hunky handsome dudes who are built like rugby players! What’s the name of this guy?”

Sachin Bhatt body

Well, we did some googling and we found out that the name of the guy who plays Stevie Mazza aka Peter’s boyfriend is Sachin Bhatt. He’s been in the acting biz since 2008 when he played a “group dancer” in the Love Guru. He’s got a total of 42 acting credits to his name. Oh, he’s very talented since he’s been collecting trophies in various film festivals not only for acting but for writing too. Per IMDB, he’s got a total of 5 wins and 13 other nominations. If that ain’t a mark of a great talent, we don’t know what is!

Sachin Bhatt best actor award

Sachin Bhatt indian hunk

Sachin Bhatt Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Sachin plays an LGBT character on Grace and Frankie but is he a member of the rainbow community in real life? Yes, he is! In fact, you can say that he is a flag-waving member as evidenced by this photo we grabbed from his Instagram page. You should go follow him (@sachinbhatt) if you want similar pics because, unlike some actors, he is generous when it comes to sharing shirtless and underwear photos. Unfortunately, we have to crop his underwear pics because Grandma Akita is watching over our shoulder warning us not to go the “risque route”. Hehe.

Sachin Bhatt gay or straight real life

Sachin Bhatt indian hunk

Sachin Bhatt underwear briefs

So does our Indian hunkalicious of a man have a boyfriend? We do not know their actual status, i.e., whether they are married or not, but Sachin is in a relationship with Timothy Joel Wright. Here’s a pic of the couple we grabbed from the former’s Insta:

Sachin Bhatt husband partner timothy joel wright

More shirtless pics of the actor because why not, no?

Sachin Bhatt shirtless in short shorts

Sachin Bhatt shirtless chest hair

Sachin Bhatt hot indian men

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