Kyle Harris Shirtless, Girlfriend, and Peekabo Underoos

Kyle Harris Shirtless and Underwear Update. Seven years later, we are updating this post to note the following: Firstly, our curly-haired actor is now a married man having tied the knot with then girlfriend Stephanie Brown. Secondly, he is a legit writer now having co-authored a children’s book called Katarina Ballerina. And, finally, we have images of him in his underwear courtesy of Stitchers which, although it received lukewarm reviews when we first blogged about it, went on to air for three seasons. We’re guessing you’re most interested in said underwear pics, eh?

kyle harris underwear - stitchers2

kyle harris underwear - stitchers

And here are some photos we grabbed from the actor’s Instagram page (follow him @kyleharris). First one is him and wife Stephanie while the next one is him and pal Grant Gustin.

kyle harris wife stephanie brown

kyle harris shirtless with grant gustin

Does he have the most intriguing chest hair in the biz? We sure think so. Haha.

kyle harris hot body hair

kyle harris shirtless chest hair

Kyle Harris Shirtless Photos: Gay or Has Girlfriend? (10 June 2015). There’s a new show in TV-town which you should be watching if you are into sci-fi or procedural drama. Or if you are into Kyle Harris, one of the male leads. The show is called Stitchers and it started airing on ABC Family last 02 June 2015. Unfortunately, the reviews have not been kind.

The reviewer’s consensus for the show goes like this: “Confusing and tonally inconsistent, Stitchers is neither campy enough to be fun nor intelligent enough to be compelling.”

Ouch! But its still early. Who knows, it might get better and that it will find an audience which are more receptive to what the show is about, no?

Anyhoo, we know some of you are more interested in some Kyle Harris shirtless photos, so here are some of them we grabbed from Apparently, these are capped from an episode of The Carrie Diaries.

kyle harris shirtless - carrie diaries2b

kyle harris stitchers2

And here’s another Kyle Harris shirtless pic we grabbed from his Instagram account (follow him at @kmoolah).

kyle harris shirtless - instagram kmoolah

Kyle Harris Underwear Photo. Did we find any Kyle Harris underwear pic? Nope, unfortunately! But we found a bodybuilder named Kyle Harris who looks really good in his posing suit. The bodybuilder Kyle Harris should not, of course, be confused with the actor Kyle Harris. We’re just posting this pic here because we know some of you like some muscles. Hehe. Update: Okay, we had to replace the photo of Kyle posing in his Speedo/briefs/posing suit with this one. Sorry.

kyle harris bodybuilder athlete coach

Is Kyle Harris Gay or Straight? He is straight. But he is an ally to the LGBT community as evidenced by his support for the NoH8 campaign. Is the girl he is posing with his girlfriend? Nope, that’s Ali Ewoldt, his co-star when he did the West Side Story on Tour.

Kyle Harris girlfriend or not - ali ewoldt - noh8 campaign

Kyle Harris Girlfriend. Well, here’s Kyle’s girlfriend. Her name is Stephanie Brown. She is also an actor. We grabbed Stephanie’s pic below from which reports that she “can whip up some pretty wicked renditions of her family’s specialty dishes” and that his boyfriend Kyle “appreciates a good meal”.

Kyle Harris girlfriend - stephanie brown

Kyle Harris Shirtless Photos: Gay or Has Girlfriend? Posted 10 June 2015. Last updated: July 12, 2022 at 3:53 am.