Robert Pattinson Haunted Airman Video and Photos

ROBERT PATTINSON HAUNTED AIRMAN. Robert Pattinson soaks it up and goes for the naked wet look in some movie he made years ago. The movie is called The Haunted Airman or something like that. Gotta go check the official name of the movie and will update this later.


Chace Crawford Ed Westwick: Gay Lovers or Just Roommates?

CHACE CRAWFORD ED WESTWICK GAY LOVERS OR ROOMMATES. If you’ve been wondering whether Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick are gay lovers, consider yourself lucky because The View’s Joy Behar asks them the question you’ve been wanting to ask. However, you are unfortunate because they didn’t really give a yes or no answer. Chace was annoyed with the question and Ed says they’re “having fun”. Our take: They’re bromancing each other. Hehe.

Ana Margarita Gonzalez: My Husband Abused Me

This appears to be a very sad story. If the allegations of Ana Margarita against her husband is true, then he should be made to answer for whatever he did to her. If the allegations are not true, then Ana Margarita needs some help. Now, its up to the court to decide.

Inquirer story: After being barred from seeing her two children, a former model, actress and TV host has accused her husband of beating her up and forcing her to take pills which made her hallucinate.

Penile Enlargement Surgery Side Effects: Disfigurement? Boschuk vs Calayans

PENILE ENLARGEMENT SURGERY SIDE EFFECTS: DISFIGUREMENT. How sad is this? A Filipino-American guy named Louem Martinez also known as Louem Boschuk wanted his dick enlarged but he ended up with a disfigured one. And he paid P145,000 to get a disfigured thing? How sad is that? The moral of the story? Be contented with what The Creator/Nature gave you.

David Nugent vs. Jason Lowens: Is This the Next Big Scandal?

david nugent vs jason lowens scandal

David Nugent vs. Jason Lowens: Is This the Next Big Scandal? This scandal involves allegations being made online [read it here and here] involving a “Pinoy” David Nugent, reportedly a former top official/staff of PLDT, who is being accused of “corporate fraud, identity fraud, perjury, and theft”.