Hot Turkish Male Model List: Five Gorgeous Guys From Turkey

Hot Turkish Male Models List: Update. You think we’re done updating this post about handsome guys from Turkey? Of course we’re not gonna do that! You should know by now that we’re just as thirsty — or as THOTy — as you are and we ain’t gonna give up blogging about the gorgeousness of men. Anyhoo, in this update, we are bringing you our newest imaginary Turkish beau Berk Atan who won the Best Model of Turkey in 2012.

hot turkish male models - berk atan

As it happens, our Berk went on to establish himself as an actor and is currently one of the lead stars of a Turkish comedy-drama called Mountain of Hearts. It premiered in 2020 and it must have pretty good ratings because it is now on its third season.

best models of turkey - berk atan

Next up in this update is Yusuf Cim who modeled for the likes of Polo, Ralph Lauren, Mango, and Marks and Spencer among others. Like Berk, he also transitioned to acting and is currently the lead of a TV drama called Aldatmak.

hot turkish male models - yusuf cim

Finally, here’s Burak Celik who won the 2013 Best Model of Turkey. He went on to represent his country in the Best Model of the World which he also won. He is now also an actor.

hot turkish male models - burak celik

Hot Turkish Male Model List (Posted 9 August 2008 and updated 3 April 2017). This post is for fans of Turkish men and male models. Ertem Eser was proclaimed as Best Model Turkey in 2005. He represented his country in the Mr. World 2007 contest which was held in China. He reportedly speaks Turkish, English, and Kurdish.

hot turkish male model - ertem eser

Oh, and the guy’s got great abs.

ertem eser shirtless

Ertem in his fabulous winter coat.

ertem eser hot turkish male model

Another hot Turkish male model is Gökhan Keser who comes from İzmir, Turkey. He stands at 1.89 m (6 ft 2 1⁄2 in) tall and has one of the most beautiful blue-green eyes we’ve ever seen. Gokhan is more than a male model as he is also a singer and actor. He is yet to release any music but he is signed with Sony Records. As for his acting career, this sexy and beautiful Turkish stud starred in the ATV television series, Selena. He also starred in his first movie, Kayıp Çocuklar Cenneti.

hot turkish male model gorkhan keser

The picture below which shows our Gokhan in his squarecut swimtrunks is actually part of the promo materials for the TV show, Selena.

gokhan kesser speedo underwear

Oh wow. Very nice photo of Gokhan wearing a very skimpy bikini swimtrunks. We’d bet that this is taken from the 2006 Manhunt International male beauty pageant where he bagged the “Mr. Photogenic” title and placed fourth overall. We don’t know if there’s a “Best in Swimtrunks Award” but if there is such an award, we’d bet ten dollars that he’d bag that title too.

Gokhan keser underwear

Now, Turkish male models continue to be hot, hot, and very hot even if they grow older. Our next sexy Turk, Serhan Yavas, was born in 1972 so he is what you would call a “daddy model” but, boy, isn’t he a hot daddy. The saying that men turn sexier as they grow older is very much applicable to Serhan, no?

hot turkish male model serhan yavas

We’d like to think that this shirtless hunk of a dad is texting us :-)

serhan yavas sexy

Who rocks his swimwear better, Gokhan Keser above or actor/model Tolgahan Sayisman in the next photo below? We present the photos, you decide!

turkish male models tolgahan sayisman

Last but not the least in our list of hot Turkish male model is our imaginary Turkish boyfriend Kivanc Tatlitug. Damn, he’s got the most expressive and sexiest eyes, no?

kivanc tatlitug underwear boxer shorts

Hot Turkish Male Model List posted 9 August 2008. Last updated: January 14, 2023 at 4:54 am.