Male Celebrities in Skinny Jeans and Tight Pants

tight pants celebrity - david beckham in china

Male Celebrities in Skinny Jeans and Tight Pants: Mens Fashion Watch. Time for another rundown on famous men and other celebrities who is loving them their tight trousers or skinny jeans. Leading the pack is male fashionista David Beckham who dazzled his football fans in China when he conducted a football clinic there recently.

Men in Tight Jeans: Male Celebrity Fashion Style Watch


Men in Tight Jeans. This post is for Famewatchers – like Deena’s friend Marian – who love them their celebrities in tight jeans. Well, we ourselves like hot guys in tight jeans but we caution men who wear tight jeans to no overdo it. After all, there are studies out there which conclude that tight jeans can be bad for your health.