Ricky Martin Twins: Matteo and Valentino Baby Photos

RICKY MARTIN TWINS. Meet Matteo and Valentino Martin, Ricky Martin’s twin babies who were born of a surrogate mother. Methinks that Ricky, who’s sexuality has always been subject to speculation [see Is Ricky Martin Gay?], will do a Clay Aiken and out himself as a gay may. Want to bet?

Olympic Hunks: Bryan Clay Shirtless Decathlete Gold Medalist

OLYMPIC HUNKS. Say you’re an athlete of Olympic-level caliber but you don’t have the money to go to the London 2012 Olympics, what would you do? What about running a brothel — you know, a house of ill-repute where men go to get themselves serviced? That, my friends, is what 23-year-old taekwondo jin Logan Campbell is doing. You mean, he’s getting himself serviced a-la Michael Phelps and his lap-dancing girl Theresa White? Nope, what I mean is that Logan is running a brothel.

Mario Lopez Boyfriend? And His Shiny Leather Shoes

mario lopez boyfriend

MARIO LOPEZ BOYFRIEND. Mario Lopez and his boyfriend. Just joking. We actually don’t know who the guy is but they sure look kinda intimate. They’ve got smiley faces too. And lips that appear like they’re made for each other; they would fit really nicely, is what we’re saying.