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Prince William fashion style. Latest designer outfits seen on Prince William. Plus shirtless photos of the future King and reports about his achievements in life.

Wedding Tuxedos for Men: Prince William + Other Male Celebrities

Wedding Tuxedo For Men. Are you wondering about what wedding tuxedo to wear when your best friend ties the knot? Well, you might gain some fashion style ideas from what Prince William is wearing when he and girlfriend Kate Middleton attended a friend’s wedding.

wedding tuxedo for men prince william fashion style

Very appropriate for the occasion, huh?

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Prince William – Kate Middleton Wedding in 2012?

Kate Middleton‘s drug-dealing pimp of an uncle, Gary Goldsmith, may be an embarrassment to her family (as well as the royals) but his big mouth ain’t enough to derail a Prince William-Kate Middleton wedding.

The News of the World is reporting that their wedding is scheduled in 2012. 2012? Really? That’s like almost a century from now! What are these kids waiting for?

“It is now accepted among senior members of the family that Prince William and Kate WILL marry. They are totally committed to each other. But the timing is very important. It would have to be wrong to force the situation before William is established in his own right.

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Kate Middleton’s Family Background

Kate Middleton’s Family Background. If you are like us, you would be wondering about the background of Prince William’s squeeze, Kate Middleton. Where did she come from? Is she rich? Is she liked by Royal hangers-on? And many other questions. Kate and his prince are reportedly planning their wedding so we expect public interest in the future princess and future queen to go sky high.

Thankfully, Claudia Joseph has an upcoming book, Kate: Kate Middleton – Princess In Waiting, which should provide some answers to the curious like us. An excerpt from the book after the jump.

kate middleton family background

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