Prince William – Kate Middleton Wedding in 2012?

Kate Middleton‘s drug-dealing pimp of an uncle, Gary Goldsmith, may be an embarrassment to her family (as well as the royals) but his big mouth ain’t enough to derail a Prince William-Kate Middleton wedding.

The News of the World is reporting that their wedding is scheduled in 2012. 2012? Really? That’s like almost a century from now! What are these kids waiting for?

“It is now accepted among senior members of the family that Prince William and Kate WILL marry. They are totally committed to each other. But the timing is very important. It would have to be wrong to force the situation before William is established in his own right.

“In the future it is hoped that Kate will pay a supporting role, rather as the Duchess of Cornwall has for the Prince of Wales.”

Apparently, the royals would not like a repeat of Di-mania (where the bride rather than the Prince became the central figure) and would like Prince William to be an established public figure in his own right before they marry him off to the Middleton gal. That’s a sensible enough reason but Kate is no Diana and, more importantly, Prince William is no Prince Charles.

Anyhoo, check out Kate Middleton’s family background.

Kate Middleton Video: Future British Queen Speaks
17 July 2009

Hear ye, hear ye. Check out this first ever public video of Kate Middleton (aka Prince William’s girlfriend aka future Queen of the United Kingdom) speaking to a commoner. She is an internet geek according to some internet geek who posted on Twitter that Kate is an internet geek. Getting repetitive, are we?

Anyways, if she is indeed a member of geekdom and she becomes The Queen then we should strip that pretender Perez Hilton of his/her self-crowned title “Queen of All Media” and give it to Kate instead, no?