Trey Songz Underwear by Calvin Klein – Photos and Video

trey songz underwear calvin klein selfie - guys with iphones

Trey Songz Underwear Part II: Selfie Edition. Nearly six years later, we are updating this post on Trey and his underoos with these images of the singer/actor in his undies. As you may have guessed, he is wearing Calvin Kleins and CK people must have paid him some dollahs for joining the brand’s #mycalvins campaign.

Justin Baldoni Gay or Girlfriend? Shirtless Jane the Virgin Star

guys in sweatpants - justin baldoni

Justin Baldoni is Hot in Sweatpants. Not only does our hunky actor look good shirtless, he rocks the “guys in sweatpants” look too. Check out these screencaps from Jane the Virgin which, we are happy to note, had a pretty good run on The CW. The multi-awarded show concluded last year when it aired its fifth and final season. Anyhoo, here are images of Justin looking great in sweatpants.

Jake Gyllenhaal Underwear: Boxers, Briefs, or What?

jake gyllenhaal underwear

Jake Gyllenhaal Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? What underwear does Jake Gyllenhaal wear? Boxers or briefs? Unfortunately, we can’t tell based on these photos alone. Jake seems to love to have “peekabo underwear” pics but not photos where he totally drops his trousers that would give us the answer to the “boxers or briefs” question. At any rate, we do know that he loves him his Calvin Klein underwear.

Hot Doctors on Survivor: Who’s the Hunkiest Survivor Castaway?

hot doctors on survivor john cody underwear - boxer shorts

Hot Doctors on Survivor. Hot doctors are some of the luckiest men on earth. They got the brains to go to med school and pass the difficult but necessary exams which give them the license to practice medicine. They also have looks that can give that pretend doctor, Dr. Doug Ross, a run for George Clooney’s acting money.

Ben Pamies Model Actor: How Do You Like Your Eggs?

ben pamies how do you like your eggs guy

Ben Pamies Model Actor: Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless Modeling Photos (3 February 2015).We are updating this post to bring you more gorgeous modeling photos of Ben Pamies. First, check him out with his fellow cast members of the show, In Between Men.