Louis Walsh Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Louis Walsh Hair Transplant. Does Louis Walsh do whatever Simon Cowell tells him to do? We remember blogging back in 2009 about Louis deciding to undergo a plastic surgery procedure after Simon suggested it. Here’s what we said back then about the matter:

If you are a fan of the “natural look” (a-la Elle Macpherson), then you’ve got another reason to hate Simon Cowell. Apparently, Simon has convinced his fellow X-Factor judge, Louis Walsh, to go under the knife.

According to mirror.co.uk, Simon badgered Louis about his looks so the latter decided to fly to Los Angeles for “surgery on the bags under his eyes” and for some botox to remove a few wrinkles.

Let’s just hope this is a one-time thing for Louis and that he does not become the reality-TV version of botox king Sylvester Stallone.

Now, we just found out that back in 2011, Louis decided to undergo a hair transplant surgery after Simon suggested he does it. Let’s have Louis tell the story himself in this story he wrote Mirror (mirror.co.uk):

But about three years ago while we were filming some auditions, Simon Cowell said, ‘Louis, darling, you’re losing your hair’. To which I replied, ‘No I’m not, Simon. I’ve got a full head of hair, thank you very much’. But he insisted, ‘You’re starting to lose it Louis’.

He showed me what people saw as the camera came up behind me and – as usual – he was right. I could see a bald spot starting to form at the back. Simon then said, ‘Louis, you should get it fixed now rather than when you’ve gone completely bald’.

And so, realizing that King Simon is right, Louis explored his options and discovered the Hair ­Restoration Blackrock clinic in Dublin which uses a procedure called Ultra Refined ­Follicular Unit Transplantation (URFUT).

How is URFUT different from Calum Best’s Fullicular Unit Extraction or FUE? Maybe there are distinct differences but URFUT also involves taking some hair from one part of the head and moving them to another part.

Louis had his URFUT procedure under Dr Maurice Collins. Let’s have the X-Factor judge tell us more about his hairy adventures:

I spoke to Dr Collins and he just said, ‘Come in and we’ll sort you out with a full head of hair’. ‘Really?’ I said. ‘Is it going to be painful?’ And he said, ‘No, not really, all we do is take some hairs from the back of your hair, replant them into the area with less hair and then they grow. So it’s not actually a transplant, it’s your hair’.

I wasn’t hired for my looks, but The X Factor is a fashion show as well and people judge it on everything, from your suit to your shoes. And like Sharon Osbourne once said to me about her surgery, ‘It’s maintenance, Louis’.

Don’t you just love Sharon Osbourne? Louis goes into the details of the surgery:

A team of more than a dozen surgeons got to work in the morning. While I watched movies, they removed thousands of tiny, hair follicles from the back of my head, where my hair was quite thick.

The surgeons then put me under a local anaesthetic and replanted these hairs on to the areas around the front where I was thinning out. I had a break for lunch, when I could get up and walk about, and the whole thing took only a few hours. And because of the anaesthetic, even though they were making thousands of tiny incisions in my scalp, it was only mildly uncomfortable.

There was no pain, no blood and I didn’t have to wear a special cap. I was told to take it easy for a couple of weeks afterwards and not do any vigorous exercise, but that was it. I didn’t have to use any special shampoos or anything like that. It felt great to have my own hair back and to have something more substantial to run my fingers through again.

Louis Walsh Hair Transplant Photos. How much is Louis hair transplant? He reportedly spent £24,000. Is it money well spent? You be the judge, fellow HairWatcher. Check out these before and after hair surgery of our darling Louis and tell us what you think:

Louis Walsh hair transplant - before and after photos

Not bad, huh?

Louis Walsh urfut hair transplant - before and after photos

The last one is our favorite because you can see the dramatic transformation from a perplexed sad man to a confident statesmanlike dude. Hehe.

Louis Walsh hair transplant transformation - before and after photos

That’s it for now fellow HairWatchers. For more hair transformations, check out our posts on Celebrity Hair Transplants.

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