Justin Deeley Underwear, Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend?

Justin Deeley underwear 2xist

Justin Deeley Underwear and Shirtless Photos. What do you think of Justin Deeley and his 2xist squarecut underwear? We love squarecut undies but we love, love, love Justin Deeley more! We first became aware of Justin when he portrayed the role of a fun loving guardian angel on Drop Dead Diva.

Jessie Godderz Underwear: Tighty Whitie, Boxer Briefs, Squarecut Trunks

jessie godderz washboard abs

Jessie Godderz Underwear: Tighty Whitie, Boxer Briefs, Squarecut Trunks (Posted 8 May 2010). Do these underwear photos of Big Brother muscle hunk Jessie Godderz make you go, “Damn! How hot is this guy? We’d like to bring him home to mama!” Of course you do but rest assured you’re not the only one with this reaction. We’re pretty sure our friend Kevin who’s living in The Land Down Under is lovin’ and screaming about these photos.

Best Male Underwear Model of Them All: Chad White

Why him, you ask? Well, first of all, he rocks any underwear he wears on the runway. Secondly, the dude’s shown a longevity and durability in a business very much known for aegism and chucking the old ones for the newbies. As you will note in our previous posts below, we first blogged about him in June 2008 which is 11 years ago and he’s still up and about walking the runways and posing for magazines as he does in the photo below for Men’s Health Croatia.

best male underwear model chad white - mens health croatia

Jonathan Waud Underwear Model for Ristefsky Macheda

Jonathan Waud Underwear Model for Ristefsky Macheda (12 February 2010). You’ve seen Jonathan Waud rocking a woman’s skirt, now let’s check him out modeling for a brand called Ristefsky Macheda. This is the first time we’ve heard of this label but their outfits sure look good and stylish on Jonathan, no? Now, if only our beau has the abs of this guy. He’s been putting on the pounds lately and we’ve been encouraging him to work out but he ain’t listening to us. Hehe.

Jonathan Waud underwear and shirtless photos - ristefsky macheda