Mens Panties: Joey Tribbiani and Uplifting Japanese Briefs

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Mens Panties: Uplifting Japanese Briefs Underwear. Here’s a Japanese version of the men’s enhanced push-up underwear, it’s probably the most awesome version there is because its designed like a woman’s panties. Compare it for instance with the kinda ordinary Croatian, Spanish, and Andrew Christian’s versions of push up briefs.

2xist Lift Underwear: Double Enhancer Briefs and Boxers for Men

Want more enhanced men’s underwear? Here’s one from probably the most forward-looking underwear companies today, 2xist Underwear. This enhanced underwear is fittingly called 2xist Lift. It supposedly lifts both your front making you appear more endowed than you really are and your back to give you the much-coveted bubble butt look. More…

Philip Olivier Underwear Workout: Boxers or Briefs?

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Philip Olivier Underwear Workout: Boxers or Briefs? What’s Philip Olivier’s underwear type? Boxers or briefs? It looks like he’s more of a briefs underwear guy, no? And it ain’t just briefs that he likes. He really likes ’em tight briefs like the Dsquared Underwear he’s wearing below.

Rich Ting Shirtless, Underwear Model, Girlfriend, Wife

rich ting male runway model

Rich Ting Shirtless, Underwear Model, Girlfriend, Wife. Today in male celebrity underwear, we bring you American actor Rich Ting who, once upon a time, did a runway modeling gig for Ed Hardy. Huh, we thought Ed Hardy is only about them silly shirts but apparently it sells mens underwear too.

James Haskell Gay, Girlfriend, Underwear, MMA Fighter

james haskell mma fighter bellator

He signed up with Bellator as a heavyweight fighter and, if reports are to be believed, we’d be seeing him go toe-to-toe with another fighter sometime in 2010. We gotta give props to a guy who moves from one of the manliest of sports to the even manlier (and way more violent) world of MMA fighting. We also gotta give props to him for not closing the door on his Speedo-wearing ways. Yay! If we’d ever make a blog post about MMA fighters rocking their Speedos, James would be on the top of the list.