Enhanced Push-Up Mens Underwear by Andrew Christian

Speaking of enhanced men’s sexy underwear, here’s a new design from Andrew Christian which is sure to get the approval of men whether those gifted with big packages or those wishing that they are.

enhanced push-up mens underewear

Andrew’s creation reportedly contains a pouch that gently lifts a man’s junk and pushes it forward so his manhood becomes very noticeable. Nice. Why has no one thought of this before? It’s not exactly a revolutionary idea but it goes a long way towards enhancing the male psyche. Hehe.


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Georges St-Pierre Models Under Armour Underwear

Georges St-Pierre Models Under Armour Underwear. Under Armour, an American clothing company known for its performance apparel and other sports wear, is reportedly hiring mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Georges St-Pierre as its model/endorser. According to a Reuters report, French-Canadian St-Pierre will “serve as the face for the company’s underwear — one of its most popular items — as well as for three new lines of compression-based clothing”.

georges st pierre under armour model

It’s a good pick for Under Armour. Look at them awesome body of Monsieur St-Pierre. He is more modelesque than tons of professional models we’ve seen in the past.

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Wet Briefs and Boxers Underwear – Men: Cristiano and Other Celebrities

Wet Briefs Underwear: Cristiano and Other Celebs. We’ve uploaded some remarkable photos of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo but these pics of him taking a shower in his white boxer briefs are probably the most awesome. But if you have a Cristiano photo that can rival the images below, then do tell in the comments.

cristiano wet boxer briefs

Cristiano probably has the cutest “behind” in the world of sports. He sure does not need a buttocks augmentation surgery, no? Now, because of the above pics, we’re now putting Cristiano above David Beckham in our Imaginary Beau List. Sure, Beckham is awesome in his own way but he doesn’t have photos like the ones above, right? Your move, Beckham.

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Jed Hill Football Jock as Underwear Model: Gay or Girlfriend?

Jed Hill Football Jock as Underwear Model. Holy canoly. What a total hottie. This hunk of a man, Jed Hill, was reportedly a football athlete before he turned to modeling. What’s his position when he played football? He was a tight end in both his high school (Struthers High School in Ohio) as well as in college (Penn State University). His full name is Jedidiah James Hill and, while at Penn State, he majored in crime, law and justice.

jed hill football player

Damn. Can we jump in bed with this guy?

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