College Basketball Shorts: The Best, The Hottest, The Iconic

College Basketball Shorts: The Best, The Hottest, The Iconic. Famewatchers, we present to you our list of the best, the hottest, and the “newsworthiest” college basketball shorts. For this list, we looked not only at the current 2015-2016 college basketball season but from previous school years as well. We begin our list with the best college basketball shorts (design-wise).

Best College Basketball Shorts Ever: Georgetown Hoyas (95-96)? made their list of the greatest college basketball uniforms of all time and picked Georgetown University Hoyas uniform during the 95-96 season as the best ever? Do you agree with them? Here’s future Hall of Famer Allen Iverson chillin’ in his Hoyas basketball uniform.

best college basketball shorts - allen iverson - hoyas - georgetown university

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Ashley Cole Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Ashley Cole Latest Update. It’s World Cup season so we think its apt to update on Ashley Cole who retired from football in 2019 after twenty years of playing as a professional football player. During said years, he played for Arsenal, Chelsea, Roma, LA Galaxy, and finally Derby County.

ashley cole now2

What’s he doing now? Well, he continues to very involved in the sport. Specifically, he is a coach at the Everton Football Club where his former Chelsea mate Frank Lampard is the big boss (aka football manager).

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Men in Beach Shorts: Celebrity Edition

Men in Beach Shorts: Celebrity Swim Shorts Edition. Nine years later we, once again, are updating this post to bring you more celebrity beach hunks rocking their swim shorts as they frolic at the beach. Let us start with singer turned Calvin Klein model Shawn Mendes who looks like he’s ready to give Kellan Lutz below a run for his abs money.

men in beach shorts - celebrity edition - shawn mendes

Speaking of abs, check out actor Chris Hemsworth and his sculpted V. He sure is the hottest Hemsworth brother, isn’t he?

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Vintage Mens Shorts: 1980s Male Model Jeff Aquilon

Vintage Mens Shorts: Jeff Aquilon, 1980s Male Supermodel. Hey, it’s time for another vintage 1980s menswear fashion post, so let’s check out these photos of the world’s first male supermodel Jeff Aquilon in his short shorts. He’s rocking it, doesn’t he? Here’s our Jeff wearing a pair of boxer shorts. It’s a very classic look.

vintage mens shorts celanese jeff aquilon

Too bad, men these days have forgotten the awesomeness of short shorts. They are all about those “shorts” that go past the knee. We are putting “shorts” in quote because those ain’t actually shorts. And whoever introduced the “past the knee shorts” should be jail for a crime against men’s fashion. Hehe. Anyhoo, here’s another photo of our Jeff chillin’ in his shorts which he made even shorter by folding the edges.

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Men in Short Shorts: Beach Wear Edition

Men in Short Shorts: Beach Wear Edition. Of course, we ain’t only just interested in men wearing Speedos when it comes to appreciating (aka ogling) beach hunks. We appreciate guys who rock their swim shorts too. So we made this photo list of male models and celebrities who brought their swim shorts game to the beach (or the swimming pool).

Let’s start our list with British supermodel Oliver Cheshire who appeared in campaigns for brands like Calvin Klein, Jack Wills, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Orlebar Brown, Stella McCartney, Missoni, Hackett, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co., Vivienne Westwood, Gap Inc., Marks and Spencer, and many others. He must have made lots of money from these campaigns, no?

men in shorts 2021 - swim shorts - oliver_cheshire

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Connor Gosatti Shirtless, Girlfriend, Hot in Shorts

Connor Gosatti Shirtless, Girlfriend, Hot in Shorts. Who’s the cute dude with his tongue out while doing a cross-country run in the pic below? Well, clueless Famewatcher, let us introduce you to Connor Gosatti. He is an actor, an Aussie, and he is starring on the upcoming TV series Resident Evil which will be streaming very soon on Netflix.

connor gosatti hot in shorts

This is his biggest project to date so expect his popularity to blow up. Whether his fame will rise to the stratosphere in the mold of the stars of Stranger Things or whether it will only moderately improve as in the case of Colin Ford all depends on whether Resident Evil is gonna be good or not. You see, Netflix shows tend to be hit or miss. Sometimes, they can be great like Stranger Things which is arguably the biggest hit for the streaming service and which launched the careers of newbies. On other times, they will be forgettable like the vampire show Daybreak (headlined by Colin Ford) which we looked forward to watching but did not finish because we were confused and bored to death by it. Hehe. Let’s hope, for the sake of its up-and-coming actors, that Resident Evil is more like Stranger Things and less like Daybreak, shall we?

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