Bryce Harper Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding, Family

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Bryce Harper Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding, Family. Time for another hot baseball player and, in this instance, let’s blog about one of the cutest baseball players on Major League Baseball. We are referring, of course, to our ex-imaginary boyfriend Bryce Harper who currently plays for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Baseball Players Turned Actors: A Hollywood List

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Baseball Players Turned Actors. Was Russell a good baseball player? Here’s what minor league teammate Tom Trebelhorn says about Kurt’s skills: “Kurt could hit — that was his strength. He was a switch hitter and had very good bat accuracy — he could put the bat on the ball… The rest of his game suffered from the fact [that] he couldn’t devote enough time to it.” Trebelhorn must know whereof he speaks not only because was he Kurt’s teammate but also because he went on to become the team manager for major league teams such as the Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago Cubs.

Alex Rodriguez Underwear, Jockstrap, Mirror-Kissing Model

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Alex Rodriguez Jockstrap: We’re afraid we don’t have any jockstrap photos of our A-Rod but we do have one of him and his baseball cup. 2020 Update: Ten years later, we still haven’t found a photo of Alex in his jockstrap but, apparently, the good guys of ESPN have this illustration of him — as far back as 20009 — wearing nothing but a pair of jockstraps. Yay.

Gay Baseball Players List: MLB and Minor Leaguers

gay baseball players mlb - billy bean

Gay Baseball Players List: MLB and Minor Leaguers. List of gay baseball players in Major League Baseball (MLB) and the minor league. Latest 2015 update: Billy Bean, Jason Burch, Glenn Burke, John Dillinger. It’s been four years since this post. Given how most of America, the sporting world included, have come to embrace the LGBT community, we think it is ripe for an update especially because some baseball players have come out in the closet.

David Wright Shirtless Photos and Underwear Preference

david_wright at Madame Tussauds

David Wright Shirtless. How hot is New York Mets third baseman David Wright? If you are a baseball fan, you would know that he is $138 million hot which is the amount of his latest contract with the Mets. If you are a pop culture fan, you would know that he is kinda hot because the guys of Madame Tussauds made a wax statue of his likeness (see photo above).