Baseball Players As Underwear Models

Baseball Players As Underwear Models. Photos of baseball players in their underwear are not as common as footballers and rugby players but did you know that the guy who started it all (“it” being the now common hunky-athlete-as-underwear-model) is a baseball player. Famewatchers, meet baseball hall-of-famer Jim Palmer and his famous Jockey briefs underwear.

baseball player in underwear - jim palmer for jockey briefs

Oh wait, some of you have met him already because we blogged about him a few years ago when we are starting this blog (see Male Underwear Models in Briefs).

sexy baseball players jim palmer

Anyhoo, as some kind of an homage to Jim, we Famewatchers decided to do a post on baseball players in their underwear (or, in the case of Speedos, underwear-as-outerwear). First in our list is San Diego Padres pitcher Huston Street who’s seen below in a pair of squarecut Speedos.


Canadian cutie catcher Russell Martin, currently with the Pittsburgh Pirates did some underwear-modeling on the side for a brand called Dylan Ribkoff.

Russell Martin underwear model for dylan ribkoff

Another baseballer-turned-underwear-model is Korean baller Lee Taek-Keun, outfielder for the LG Twins. He’s seen in the pic below in boxer briefs with then-girlfriend Yoon Jin-seo.

Lee Taek-geun - korean baseballer - LG Twins - with exgirlfriend

Look who’s giving us a peek of his Emporio Armani underwear? It’s Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers modeling for Flaunt Magazine!


Want a “more skinny” pic of Matt? Check him out in his very short shorts. Did we mention that our two-time All Star and winner of the 2011 Hank Aaron Award is kinda slutty? Yes. We. Did. in our list of 35 Shirtless Baseball Players.

baseball players as underwear models matt kemp

Not to be outdone by baseballers posing as models, outfielder Pat Burrell who last played for the San Francisco Giants upped the ante by wearing some leather undies to a party at Barry Zito’s.

Pat Burrell gimp outfit - party at barry zito mansion

Want more of Pat? Check him out in his shorty short shorts.

Pat Burrell underwear - party at barry zitos

We thought no one can beat Pat Burrell’s gimp outfit but José Antonio Bautista, outfielder for the Toronto Blue Jays, posed nekkid for ESPN’s Body Issue. Can any other baseballer top Jose Bautista’s nekkid pic? Probably Chad White?

chad white - u maine at orono - drafted by houston astros

Did you know that Chad White, one of the world’s most recognizable male supermodel, was actually drafted by the Houston Astros during the 1993 MLB June Amateur Draft? Unfortunately for baseball but fortunately for the world of male modeling, he sustained a hand injury and decided to pursue modeling instead. Though he didn’t turn pro, he was inducted to the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame in July 2011. Check out Chad modeling very brief briefs on the runway.

chad white underwear model - ex baseball player

Let’s go vintage with this pic of Tommy Holmes, who played mostly for the Boston Braves and who went on to manage the team, in the locker room with an unidentified baseball player (probably Clint Conatser) in white briefs underwear. Yes kids, this is what a briefs underwear looks like in the 1940s/50s.

baseball player locker room - Boston Braves unknown probably Clint Conatser and Tommy Holmes in locker room at Braves Field - pic by leslie jones

Another vintage pic of two unidentified baseball players (if you can ID these guys, please do so in the comments) in the locker room which reminds us of Brokeback Mountain. Hehehe. Brokeback Baseball, anyone?

baseball player underwear - boxers - locker room

The closest thing to an underwear pic of the New York Mets’ David Wright, one of the most famous baseball players in the world, is the one below. Sorry David Wright fans. Some of you should convince him to do a Jim Palmer and model Jockey briefs.


Or, at the very least, David should follow Minnesota Twins’ pitcher Rich Harden‘s example below.

rich harden underwear - baseball hunk

Or pose for a magazine like Texas Rangers starting pitcher Yu Darvish. Want more baseball hunks? Go check out Gabe Kapler’s Underwear Photos.


Anyhoo, let’s end this post with a photo of Rummy Rumfelt in his white briefs.

Unlike the others, Rummy is not a major league ball player but he’s “a baseball-player-turned-model from Kansas” according to his model profile.

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