Shohei Ohtani Endorsements and Brand Sponsorships

Shohei Ohtani Endorsements and Brand Sponsorships. Earlier, we mentioned that two-way baseball phenomenon Shohei Ohtani is a brand ambassador for Seiko Watch and when she read what we posted our Grandma Akita was like, “Are you sure that’s the only product he endorses?”

So we decided to go down the rabbit hole to make a list of the baseball great’s endorsement deal and this is what we came up with. So far, we came up with eight but there may be sponsorship deals out there we’ve yet to discover. We already mentioned his partnership with Seiko but here’s a photo of a billboard featuring our guy:

shohei ohtani endorsements seiko

Aside from Seiko, the baseballer’s other endorsement deals include Oakley which now sells an Ohtani collection of glasses which honors his “heritage with discoverable traditional Japanese patterns printed on the frames”. The glasses are designed in collaboration with Shohei and has “Ohtani” printed on the inside of the frame and etched on the lens.

shohei ohtani ambassador - oakley sunglasses

He is also a brand ambassador for Descente which, according to wikipedia, is a Japanese sports clothing and accessories company. Here’s our guy exercising in his Descente outfits:

shohei ohtani endorsements - descente

Damn, Sho! You’re making us thirsty over here. The tank top he’s wearing below is from the Descente Ohtani collection.

shohei ohtani hot biceps

shohei ohtani cowboy

Japanese Airlines has a partnership agreement with the LA Angels standout according to the Center for Aviation. The airlines also hosted a Japan Day at the Angels stadium in partnership with Shohei’s MLB team.

shohei ohtani endorsements - japan airlines

You know a person is great when even conservative establishments like banking institutions, in this instance the Mitsubishi Financial Group, are hiring you as their brand ambassador.

shohei ohtani endorsements - Mitsubishi Financial Group

We’re not sure you call it a “sponsorship” deal but Shohei has a deal with Fanatics to sell his memorabilia.

shohei ohtani fanatics memorabilia deal

Hugo Boss signed the baseball great to be one of its brand ambassadors and it carries a Shohei menswear collection.

shohei ohtani hugo boss ambassador

shohei ohtani hugo boss ambassador2

We thought Asics is only about footwear and sportswear but, apparently, it also manufactures and sells other sports products such as baseball gloves.

shohei ohtani in shorts

Of course, it does sell shoes too!

shohei ohtano asics ambassador

shohei ohtano asics ambassador2

Shohei Ohtani Girlfriend. This section has nothing to do with sponsorship deals but we know that some Famewatchers are thirsty for Shohei so we ain’t gonna conclude this post without answering the question, “Does he have a girlfriend?”

The answer: We don’t know. If he does, he’s keeping it private which is the prudent thing to do. We know that jealous ladies, like our friend Deena, will be sending mean DMs to Ohtani’s girlfriend if ever they find out who she is. Haha.

Anyhoo, there was speculation a few years back that Kamalani Dung may be his girlfriend but she quashed the gossiping when she stated that she’s just a fan who took a photo with her idol. Oh she’s also a professional softball player who currently plays with Athletes Unlimited.

shohei ohtani girlfriend kamalani dung

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