Buster Posey Now, Awards, Wife, Shirtless Photos

Buster Posey Now, Awards, Wife, Shirtless Photos. Apparently, the San Francisco Giants two years ago in November 2021. He spent all his pro playing days with the team which he helped win three World Series Championships. Three? Yup, the Giants won in 2010, 2012, and 2014 with buster as their catcher. Yay!

buster posey world series champion

Celebrating their World Series win with wife Kristen:

buster posey wife kristen

But wait, there’s more! Our Buster also helped the United States win the World Baseball Classic championships in 2017.

Proof that Buster is an excellent baller is the fact that he’s brought home tons of awards for his accomplishments on the baseball field. Specifically, his awards list include: the 2010 National League (NL) Rookie of the Year, the 2012 NL Most Valuable Player, the 2016 Gold Glove Award, Silver Slugger Award which he won five times, and the 2012 Hank Aaron Award (2012).

buster posey awards - gold glove

He’ still pretty when he’s busy, no? What a looker of a guy!

buster posey pretty in action

In terms of career earnings, according to spotrac.com, he’s banked a total of $153,910,967 during the 12 seasons he played with the San Francisco Giants. That’s money well-earned by him and money well spent by the owners of his team.

Now, did you know that Buster is now a part-owner of the team? For those of you wondering what he’s doing following his retirement, apparently he’ll continue to be involved with the Giants as, per wikipedia, he’s joined the “30-member ownership group of the Giants and will serve on its board of directors.”

Moreover, according to CBS News, Buster will be going back to school to earn a college degree which he had to give up when he was drafted in 2008.

More from cbsnews.com: “The retired San Francisco Giants catcher has a year’s worth of online coursework remaining to complete his degree in social science at Florida State, yet he plans to spread the work over two years given his busy home life with four children.”

The report adds: “School started Monday. Posey had been a finance major before being drafted by San Francisco fifth overall in 2008, but since he can’t finish that path remotely, he will study social science, with his current studies including a class focused on sports and society.”

Props to the guy for pursuing this course despite the fact that he’s earnings millions of dollars that we can only imagine.

Buster Posey Young and Hawt! Our favorite pic of the baseball star from his rookie year (if we are not mistaken).

buster posey hot in tight fitting clothes

buster posey young

A young Buster with his brother:

buster posey young with brother

We can’t find a shirtless photo of the guy so here’s a photo of a model that maybe or maybe not looks like him rocking a pair of baseball pants:

buster posey shirtless - but not him really

Buster Posey Baseball Glove and Other Baseball Gear (14 June 2015). What brand of catcher’s glove does Buster Posey use? His glove of choice is the Rawlings Heart of the Hide catcher’s mitt. In the video below, he tells us why he decided to pick Rawlings after trying several mitts.

buster posey baseball gears

His reason: comfort and durability.

Here’s a closer look at the three-time World Series champ with his Rawlings catcher’s mitt:

buster posey baseball glove - Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROSCM43BP28 Mitt-2

Home Run Monkey tells us more about the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Catchers Glove aka the Buster Posey baseball glove of choice: “The shell, palm and web are composed of Rawlings’ classic Heart of the Hide, steer hide leather. Since 1958, this premium steer hide has been the center of the Heart of the Hide collection and set the standard for not only Rawlings, but other glove manufacturers. The Heart of the Hide (HOH) leather is soft, but durable – giving the player a long-lasting glove that forms to the pocket s/he desires; which are qualities that players have come to expect from the HOH line.”

The site adds: “The hand opening features a conventional, open back with a laced binding. The conventional back allows for extra ventilation, while the laced binding provides a secure and snug fit – keeping the glove in place, even during the toughest plays. Keeping the glove together, the lacing throughout the HOH series is made from USA-tanned leather. This leather is extremely strong, so the player can worry less about a hard hit or fast thrown ball breaking brittle laces, and more about securing the ball in the pocket. Looking at the inside, the palm is lined with a smooth Deer-tanned cowhide – adding supreme comfort and protection to the inside of the mitt.”

Buster Posey Baseball Gear. The other baseball gear that the San Francisco Giants star athlete uses during game day are as follows:

Under Armour Yard Cleats:

buster posey cleats - Under Armour Yard Cleats

Under Armour Leg Guards:

buster posey shin guards - Under Armour UALG2-AP Leg Guards

Under Armour Chest Protector With Unequal Tech Protective Padding:

buster-posey-chest-protector Under Armour UACP-AP Chest Protector with Unequal Tech Protective Padding

Marucci Maple Bat:

buster posey baseball bat - Marucci BP28 Maple Bat

Evoshield Leg Guard and Evoshield Wrist Guard:

buster posey baseball equipments - Evoshield Leg Guard

Last but not the least, he drinks Bodyarmor to keep himself hydrated. Well, according to this photo anyway.

buster posey sports energy drink - bodyarmor

That’s it for now, BaseballWatchers! What say you of Buster’s baseball gear?

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