Tommy DiDario Shirtless, Underwear, Husband

Tommy DiDario Shirtless, Underwear, Husband. Today in Hot Men in Shorts, we bring you Extra TV correspondent Tommy DiDario who’s rocking his beach shorts in the next two photos below. We grabbed the pics from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @tommydidario. Oh, by the way, did you know that he is married to Gio Benitez? They apparently tied the knot in 2016 and are still going strong.

Tommy DiDario hot in beach shorts

Tommy DiDario shirtless beach

Aside from his TV work, DiDario has done some modeling and, because we know that Famewatchers are thirsty folks, here are some of his modeling pics in his underoos. Unfortunately, we had to crop them to be less saucy or else Grandma Akita will not include us in her will. Hehe. Yeah, she’s gotten more and more conservative over the years especially when compared to 2012 when she was okay with us posting dudes goin’ a kissin’ in their underoos. Ahh, the days gone by.

Tommy DiDario body underwear

Tommy DiDario underwear model for tani underwear2

Tommy DiDario underwear model for tani underwear

Tommy DiDario underwear calvin klein

Tommy DiDario gay or straight

As mentioned, Tommy works as a correspondent for Extra TV. He is also a correspondent for the Today Show as well as The Rachael Ray show. According to his LinkedIn profile, he “covers everything from celebrity interviews, to human interest stories, to lifestyle topics in the fashion, trends, grooming, travel, health, fitness and wellness worlds.”

Tommy DiDario extra tv correspondent

Tommy and husband Gio when they tied they knot in 2016. For the record, our friend Kevin’s gaydar clocked Gio as a member of the LGBT community way before the ABC News correspondent came out. Check out Kevin’s post back in 2013 — Gio Benitez: Media Hunk of the Day. Anyhoo, we must say that these two look good together, don’t they?

Tommy DiDario gio benitez wedding 2016

Who says we can’t go Christmassy in April? Certainly not us here at Famewatcher who have no qualms posting shirtless guys by the Christmas tree at any day of the year. Haha!

Tommy DiDario shirtless santa

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